Special Thanks to...

There are so many I'd like to thank for making this site possible, so many I've to put them in alphabetical order, 'cause I wouldn't know who to thank first!

But, first and foremost - THANK YOU DC-3!! For being the beautiful (inside and out) and talented ladies you are! You are an inspiration to me! You're such great rolemodels! I wish you all the best in life! May God always bless you!

Ann - My one and only twin! Thanks so much for your help with my collections, finding magazine articles and connecting me to your friends around the world! I'm <Charmed> to know you! Bless' ed be!!

Anita - Thank you so much for all that amazing Slovakian stuff you've sent me over the years! Especially the "In" covers in my True Star and DreamGirls promotion galleries! Love ´em! 

Debbie - thanks so much for all the stuff you've sent me through the years! Especially these AMAZING 1-day only newspaper covers!! Like 192! We've must've known eachother for more than a decade now! Cheers for many more years to come!

eBay-sellers - A special thanks for eBay sellers around the globe for their time and business! Especially Allan - thanks so much for your help with Australian stuff!! George  - Though you live in the UK, you travel the world frequently and still think of me if you see DC-3 mags! Wow! Thank you!!! Sandra - thanks so much for the Chinese magazines off and on eBay!!  reidasrevistas - how cool to be able to add so many Portugese cross word magazines and what not! Thanks for your time and business on and off eBay!! Sergey - thanks so much for your business with all those Ukrainian magazines!!

Fabienne - <WOW! WOW! WOW!>! Thanks so much for the wonderful French material you've sent me over the years! Like the PhotoStory magazine, the Favre book and the countless French coverfeatures you sent me over the years! I know you spent a lot of time, money and effort sending me long letters and huge parcels, so I am ever so grateful!

Germán - Thank you SO MUCH for all the amazing Spanish stuff you've sent me through the years and for always helping me out with special, rare items when I've been broke! You're one in a million! Thanks also for your amazing friendship and endless support!  God bless you!

Jeff <Who's now with our heavently father> (040212); thank you for all these amazing US newspapers you sent me while we knew eachother! I'll never forget you for your help, nor our friendship! R.I.P!

Joanna - Thanks so much for the amazing Polish stuff you've sent me through the years! Especially that Make Up cover you found in your mother's drawer!!

Katrine - Countless of thanks for the amazing Danish stuff you've sent me over the years! Not available anywhere else! ( How long have we known eachother now? I've lost count!)

Lenka - what awesome Czech Republican magazinefeatures you've sent me over the years! Thank you!!!

Nick - I can't find words to explain how grateful I am to know you! Always helping me out if I need a new magazine or an item sent to you because a seller only ships within the USA! So thanks for your time, patience and kindness! Our friendship is <Rock Steady>! ;)

Rebecca - thanks so much for all those amazing German items you send me, not to mention your willingness to help me out whenever there's an item on German eBay that I really want! You rock girl! So does your Elena website!

Roman - We've been friends for so many years now I've lost count! But I'll never forget the amazing Russian stuff you've sent me over the years!

Sanne - Wow girl! 6 years of being friends and counting!! I can't thank you enough for all the amazing Dutch stuff you find for me through your own magazine purchases or for helping me with my endless requests about Marktplaats! <I'm your girl, you're my girl, we're your girls, want you to know that we love you!!!>

Tomoko - Words can not explain my gratitude for all the AMAZING Japanese items you've sent me through the years on DC-3 togher and solo!You are an angel on earth! So generous, kind and sweet! Beautiful inside and out! Wish you all the best! God bless!

 To anyone I might forget...please don't take it personally! I am so grateful for all the people who's helped me with my collections! Like Anis - thanks for those amazing magazines from Jordan!