News                                                                                              Week 30, 2015


Been quite the busy bee myself this time around: I've made a FaceBook page for DestinyCovered!
I am very excited to finally be finished with it. Click on the banner above to get re-directed to it! 
      During the past weeks Mrs Kelly has been recording her new album. Occationally sharing a few video clips of her in the studio singing the lyrics. I am very excited as the few seconds she shares with us fans sounds amazing! Other memorable posts on her official FaceBook page has been two of the recent photos of her and Titan, the one were she is giving him a motherly kiss posted on the 2nd of July and the one with the "Bey Good" T-shirt on July the 23rd.
     Thanks to my friend Annie for helping me get an issue of he French Miss Ebéne by the way!!

     Kelly was also seen together with Michelle Williams at the season premiere party for Kim Kible's Hair Salon's new season of L.A.Hair, on the 20th of July. So Good to see 2/3 of Destiny's Child together.
    Another time Michelle was out in public was at the 2015 BET-awards on the 28th of June, wearing a stunning green gown. But I think it goes without saying that her most memorable night since my last update was on the 20th of June  when she received the Music Icon Award at the Style Africa Ball given by Africa Boku Talent. CONGRATULATIONS, Miss Williams!!  Tomorrow we can see her at Sunday BET's Best Sunday.

    Beyoncé Knowles will be attending the Global Citizen Festival on September the 26th, how I wish I could be there too!
      First and foremost I'd like to thank Katty for Cosmopolitan Nova, two different issues of Kig Ind, Kig Ind TV, magazine o Sul Porto Alegre, the Brazilian postermagazine with a H & M promo on the cover, MK and the three Russian GRAZIA issues! I am still amazed by the amount! Another big thank you goes out to Steven in Australia for his time, patience and business! Thanks to our Beyoncé clipping transaction I could add Pix N' Mix, S, Sydney Live and inside Scoop to my website and colletion!!  Thanks to my friend Neal for the Korean Cosmopolitan, Ruth for the old Hey issue and Annie for FOCUS. Thanks to different eBay sellers for the Russian Seventeen, squint, BLUSH Dream, German Wings and europa. Last, but definatelly not least, thanks to my BFF Sanne for the GRAZIA issue from the UK.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!
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News                                                                                            Week 24, 2015



 I had some trouble with my website, so my News update is 7 days left. Glad to see the problem gone now though. 
     Click on the Kelly collage above to see more of the AMAZING Mane Muse shoot she did with Muse Addicts. She looks more beautiful than ever! But no wonder, marriage bliss and a happy family life suits her! Just look at the photo she posted of herself in a brown dress and her husband wearing a grey suit, that she posted on the 27th of May. They make such a lovely couple I wanted to add it to my news update.
   Thanks to Nick for forwarding the ESSENCE coverfeature to me finally. LOVE those photos too! Little Titan is growing so fast!  ,

             On the 28th of May Michelle posted a very lovely flash back photo of herself from the 14th of April, when she performed for the President and First Lady of the United States at the White House amongst many prestigious individuals. Check out her performance on June 26th on PBS and TVOne. Only 12 days to go! It's on TV, for those of you who can watch it, on Friday two weeks from now.
    On the same day Michelle I had the honor of being the speaker at her old high school's graduation! (She was class of 97!). Among other things she told the students "Remember that I said how I am/was just like you!!! Write your dreams down, prepare and watch your dreams and goals manifest!". So inspiring!
       Another highlight from the life of Michelle Williams was that on the 3rd of June she posted three new photos from Bounce TV's new sitcom Family Timr! Michelle seems so natural and funny!


Meanwhile Beyoncé has been sharing some amazing photos from her personal life on her official page. I especially love this one with her and Blue Ivy smelling the pink roses. Click on the picture to see more as well as more from her trip to Haiti.

While in Haiti she visited the Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital in Tabarre. St. The hospital provides high quality medical treatment for disadvantaged and sick children in Haiti. The hospital is in trouble as it recently lost funding resulting in cutbacks in staff and a decrease in the number of children that can be treated. Find out  how you can help by clicking on the black and white photo to the left.

Thanks so much to my friend Peggy in Belgium for the Blik!, Storywood, DeMorgen and AD show and Cultuur from Beglium as well as People Puzzles and GRAZIA from South Africa! Big ups also to my friend Gerald in the UK for the two different London Evening Standard, Daily Star and the METRO coverfeaures. Not to mention Riches &  Celebres from my friend Jessica and Woman's World from my friend Nick! Also thanks to the eBay sellers 8derek for the Pink Woman's special edition magazine from Greece, lilicole91 for MIAU, luv2mom for the OK! USA magazine, fun2sale for the Hip Hop Weekly magazine and some others that chose for their auctions to be private.
                                                                                                 Thanks for visiting and enjoy the new scans!
                                                                                                                                             Best Wishes, Sofia


News                                                                                              Week 21, 2015


Hello everyone!

 I was so thrilled on the 31st of March seeing Michelle Williams had answered my post about ordering her lovely Say Yes T-shirt. Though I placed the actual order later on, I finally recieved my own T-shirt earlier this month.
                Speaking of Michelle, she has recieved a BET nomination for Best Gospel Artist. I really hope she wins! Along the last few weeks since my last update she has posted a "Believer of the week" with different fans who sings along to her latest single, Believe In Me. So sweet of her! A pity I am so camerashy...
        Michelle was on the Meredith Vieira Show again, looking absolutely stunning in a black and white bolero. I think it's so awesome she gets to come back to the show so many times. She should be a regular!  Check out a couple of clips, by clicking on the picture to the right:

   Mrs Rowland Witherspoon has also been on TV lately, on ABC News NBC New York and Dr. Mehmet Oz to be exact: 


     In the interviews she talks about her upcoming album and BET show, motherhood, Destiny's Child and her Dreft advertisement with her 6-month old son Titan. She says really likes that brand, especially the Dreft Blissfuls scent boosters. Check out the supercute advertisement here:
       I'd like to thank the eBay seller ktwins1 for the beautiful McDonald's I'm Lovin' it tour pinback-button, available on August 12, 2005 in Gund Arena. Thank you also to the Tradera sellerSöders_Skivhandel for the 2002 Destiny's Child tourbook. Such rare collectibles! So a big shout out as a thank you for your time and business! 

     Mrs Carter turned a lot of heads walking down the red carpet to this years MET-gala in a sexy, seethrough dress. Her choice of dress made her the coverstar to the Swedish METRO magazine the following day. Thanks ever so much to my friend Allan who got me an issue of the Australian OK! magazine, featuring the Carters family. Such a rare coverpic with all three of them! Thanks also to the eBay seller colecionismonacional2014 for zooira, Negra Loira and Revista deHora (Agora Sao Paulo)l Last, but not least, thanks to ladymaledivas on eBay for the Star and Star Style covers.
          The latest video Nicki Minaj video, Feeling Myself featuring Beyoncé is now available to view on Tidal. Also be sure to head on over to her official website for some exclusive photos from the video set, the MET-gala, personal photos and photos from her Bee Good's Haiti Humitarian Misson. Such touching photos!      
                                  Thanks for visiting!
                                            Best Wishes,

News                                                                                               Week 18, 2015

Hi guys!

    Click on the picture below to watch Michelle's latest video to "Believe In Me". It was truly worth the wait! Such a beautiful and touching video! Love seeing the fans sing along, just like I always do listening to this song, one of my favourites from her Journey To Freedom album, but also of all time. 
   Apart from releasing her new video, she also went back to the Meredith Vieira Show, you can see a very funny clip here of Michelle talking about the wealth of fame and her parents:

   She also rocked the White House, performing Say Yes for the president and the first lady among others, you can catch her performance June 26th on PBS and TVOne.
         I also want to thank my sweet friend Keyta for helping me get an issue of the latest issue of Kontakt magazine. It is truly so rare and one of my alltime favourite coverfeatures with Michelle.     



   Beyoncé and Kelly was attending Tina Knowles' and actor Richard Lawson's all-white wedding onboard a 140-ft. yacht. The couple started dating back in 2013 and they've both been married once before. So may it be second time's the charm for the both of them. I wish the happy couple married bliss for eternity!     
    Apart from posting some really lovely photos of Tim and Titan, Kelly has also shot a promo photo for Lux. Click on the photo to check out their offial FaceBook page:
                    Thanks so much to Allan for the Australian Cosmopolitan and Who Weekly from November 2014. Thanks to the eBay seller magrevues for Tele Dimanche, Télépro and Cíné Télé Revue. Not to mention fules miss from banknotecollection_13 . Your help and business is very appreciated!

Enjoy the beautiful and warm May weather and thanks for visiting!
                                              Best Wishes,

News                                                                                              Week 15, 2015

    Good day!

Running late with my News update again, so only a few highlights from the last few weeks. The ultimate being Destiny's Child's surprise reunion at the Stellar Awards. Click on the picture above to see the complete performance. Michelle has also released a 4:31 minute long "Journey To The Stellars" video on her YouTube channel. Click on the picture to the right to hear Michelle talking about Destiny's Child on the tourbus 15 years ago among other things and some exclusive behind the scenes footage. 
   With the 5th of April behind us, I hope to be able to add Michelle's video for "Believe In Me" in my next update. The 5th was the last day for fans to send in their videos to her upcoming video. 

  Meanwhile Mrs Rowland Witherspoon did a coverspread for ESSENCE magazine with her husband TIm and their son Titan (click on the picture to the left for an interview).    
       Speaking of interviews, she did one for Entertainment Tonight:
and one for Extra TV, as well as stopping by The Meredith Viera Show to talk about motherhood, reuniting with Michelle and Kelly on stage and returning to the studio after Paris Fashion Week.
           She also did a spring live show due to being a spokeperson for Claritin. Check out the videos below:                                                                                                              
    Thanks to yellowbelly34 on eBay for the rare The Ticket magazine from 2004 on Kelly,
luidal for D and Wellness, tom.jo56 for télé journal, christoszag2 for the PrimeTime magazine and deedeetaffybrenda for Hip Hop Weekly.

     Apart from joining Michelle and Kelly on stage at the Stellar Music Awards, Beyoncé attended the premiere of the new company, Tidal, a global and rapidly expanding steaming platform, perserving the value of music letting the artists own it themselves. Beyoncé released a song Die With You exclusively on their site. You can check out their commercial here, as well as a clip from the pressconference, presenting the owners:


                                                                                                                      Take care and thanks for visiting!
                                                                                                                       Best Wishes,

News                                                                                              Week 10, 2015


How are ya'll doing today? Hope you're able to enjoy the beginning of spring, just like me! 
    As I am writing this Miss Michelle Williams is at the Faith Centre. She performed songs like a cover of R.Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" and her amazing new single "Believe In Me". Check her FaceBook page for links to the performances.
  Meanwhile, here's another live performance of Believe in Me, that she did on The Dinner Party. It's truly one of my favourite performances of all time. It's such a beautiful song with an encouraging message and she sure can hit those high notes!! :

 She has also been co-hosting more episodes of The View, meeting up with Naomi Cambell backstage and Lou Gossett Jr. among others. She also posted a photo of herself catching some sun in Barbados (due to Queens of Gospel).
   Thanks to Nick for forwarding eMagazine and Large Print Guideposts to me! Speaking of magazines with Michelle on the cover, be sure to check out the latest issue of Kontakt magazine for some exclusive new photos by Jonavennci Divad (see example above) and a great interview. 

   Meanwhile Mrs Rowland Witherspoon is in Paris for Fashion Week, starting from the 5th of March, posting stunning photos of herself with the Eiffel Tower in the background, in an elevator and at Maison De Alaia. In yet another she is sitting next to Solange on one side and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the other. Now there'd be no need to ask her "Are you happy to be in Paris?" (Like in the song Yoncé) 'cause it's evident that she is! I wonder if Tim and Titan is with her. 
  For those of you who missed out on Kelly's birthday chat on Google + Hangouts, check out the YouTube video below for a recap:  

 I find it a little difficult to hear everything that's being said by Kelly and other Rowland stones, but she looks so happy, humble and kind it's worth every second to continue watching.
  Among other things she talks about her album, her favourite birthdays being the ones with her mother (R.I.P) and how marriage and motherhood has changed her creative process.

    Thanks to Ece for the -18 and Ahlan! covers! So generous of you to help me with those Gittigidiyor auctions!  Another thank you this week goes out to another friend of mine, Katty in Denmark for the Kig Ind! and Kig Ind TV coverfeatures on Beyoncé.The final THANK YOU goes out to Nick for forwarding HITS, Fernanda and Today's Black Woman Style Report, from different eBay sellers.

Beyoncé celebrated 5 years of the Let's Move Initiative by posting a 15 second video of herself working out with the words #GimmeFive Michelle Obama. She also attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party wearing a stunning white dress. As well as making an epic tribute to Stevie Wonder:


Thanks for visiting and enjoy spring!                                                                                                                Best Wishes,

News                                                                                               Week 7, 2015

 Hello everybody!

I hope Mrs Rowland Witherspoon is having an amazing 34th B'day as I am writing this update!  

She actually decided to spend some of it with her fans:

Soo sweet of her! Click on the picture to surf through the chat!  

 Picture to the left was taken in Manila at the beginning of this month, due to her performance there. 

From one celebration to another:


   Beyoncé won two Grammy awards for Drunk In Love in the categories
Best R & B Performance and Best R & B Song. She also won an award for her album Beyoncé in the category Best Surround Sound album. Apart from winning three grammies, she also performed Take My Hand, Precious Lord and said later she thought of her grandparents while she was singing:

Beyoncé also recieved a NAACP Image Award on the 7th of February.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thank you to magazine-arena for MORE! May 9, 2011. It's been on my SEARCH-list for a loooong time, so it was amazing to be able to bid and win it! Thanks to Annie for helping me win DIVAS from 2003 at Priceminister, and thanks also for  the Reveal and Heat coverfeatures. I've ordered the most recent Heat magazines at though. 

 Last, but definately NOT least, I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to Seretha for the Journey To Freedom CD, the Walmart special edition with a bonus DVD! I recieved it on the second of February, yet I've lost count on how many times I've listened to the album! It's truly Michelle's BEST solo album so far! I've yet to pick favourite songs on the album! Each song has it's own charm and 'Chelle's voice sounds better than ever!
Thanks to Seretha also for the If We Had Your Eyes CD-single and the Fela! theatre program! Not to mention the Sister 2 Sister cover feature!! Sooo COOL! Love it, giiiirl! 
 And THANK YOU TIMES for the surprise!
It is still so AMAZING for me to look at it and realize it's Michelle Williams, living Broadway and gospel star, who's written my name with love! But most importantly a message from a woman I look up to and really admire! It's such an incredible feeling when one of your favourite singers knows your name! Bless'ed be!!

Take care, everybody and thanks for visiting!


News                                                                                              Week 5, 2015


Hope all of you have had a really great beginning of 2015, wishing you all the best!

         Michelle has been keeping herself really busy since my last update. More episodes of Fix My Choir has been aired and she has also been one of the hosts in ABC's The View on the 7th, 12th  and the 22nd .
         She was also interviewed by US and Music Choice's The F Word and she worked for Entertainment Tonight at the Super Bowl Media Day. Check out some of her work in the videos below:


Other memorable news about Michelle is that she has been nominated by ELEV8 - Digital entertainment awards for Best Gospel Album 2014 (Journey To Freedom), Best Female performance (Say Yes) and Best Faith Reality TV Show (Fix My Choir). Stellar Gospel Music Award has nominated Say Yes three times, for Song of The Year, Music Video of the Year and Urban/Inspirational/Instrumental single/Performance of the year. Michelle herself has been nominated in the Female Vocalist of the Year category. 
 Lastly: thanks melissatheviper on eBay for selling the Sister 2 Sister coverfeature from March 2005 and to my friend Nick for forwarding it to me.

            Meanwhile Mrs Carter has been taking some time off the last few weeks, during which her public appearances have mainly been outings with her family. Eating at restaurants, walking in Griffith Park, shopping at XIV Karats as well as attending different basket  ballgames with her husband.  
  Thanks so much to my friend Germán for helping me out with the TREND magazines from 2004, that the eBay seller pinozito was selling. Thanks also to Hala for the To & Owo TV magazine as well as the Polish The Times from 2011.
    Another thank you goes to Christina in Germany for the GRAZIA coverfeature, loestre for the L'Ete En Revue, djdirrtydogg for the NOW magazine and last, but definitely not least, thanks to Nick for forwarding the special Beyoncé magazine and the two different issues of Hip Hop Weekly sold by fun2sale and melissatheviper.
     As for the rest, I bought them through

Apart for making some work in the studio, Mrs Rowland Witherspoon have also spent most of the last few weeks with her family.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

Best Wishes,



News                                                                                                Week 50, 2014


It's been a while since my last update. Been through a bit of a rough time. Feeling much better, though it's gonna be hard to catch up with the news of my favourite ladies of Destiny. So it'll just be shortly about some highlights.

 First and foremost I want to congratulate Mrs Rowland Witherspoon for giving birth to her baby boy on the 5th of November. His name is Titan Jewell. Just five days later she posted a lullaby, Mommy's Little Baby on her FaceBook page. Click on the small photo to listen to the beautiful song.



Meanwhile Beyoncé has released a platinum edition of her visual album, with 2 new tracks called 7/11 and Ring Off.  Also included are 4 New Remixes, 10 Live performances, 2015 Mini Calendar, 2 Photo Books and 17 Music Videos.

Speaking of videos, during the last couple of months she has released a Behind-The-Scenes video about Haunted and SuperPower, showing an interview with the Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund discussing the videos. Online is also video to 7/11 and Yours and Mine, a retrospective short film celebrating the one-year anniversary of the self-titled visual album. Click on the pictures below to see them:                                                                                                                                                                                   
I'd like to thank Ann for letting me know Beyoncé was on a recent GRAZIA UK issue and my girl Sanne for the lovely GRAZIA issue from Holland with Beyoncé all dressed up in white, as well as the supercool vacation book TINA published with an old H & M promo photo on the cover.
Thanks also to my sweet friend Tomoko for helping me with the Japanese MinaMix and Music Connection Magazines, plus the Deréon purse. Your help through Yahoo Japan auctions is invaluable to me. You are so kind and helpful. Bless'ed be! Thanks to Rui for the Destak coverfeature! Another thanks goes out to the UK eBay seller, djdirtydogg, for Reveal and Star.
The last 2 THANK YOUs goes out to Niki for the Bulgarian magazines Parrallels, BRAVO and Hello and to Cyrielle for the TB7 and Zraabaka covers.
             Meanwhile Michelle has been one busy bee. Still promoting her latest album, as well as the show Fix My Choir. It's impossible for me to catch up with all the latest news of her's since the 20th of October, but a video not to miss is the Rather Be cover she made with her co-host Deitrick Hadoon and Tyler Ward and Fresh Big Mouf. Both the video and their cover is much better than the original, I think.
    Michelle also did interviews at Bravo's Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen, she chatted with Nick Lachey in VH 1's The Big Buzz Live, stopped by Access Hollywood Live, Arise Entertainment 360on Centric TV and she sang the US National Anthem at the Wembley Station on the 9th of November. Her performance was truly amazing, click on the picture to the right to see it.
 She recieved a new nomination , Outstanding Gospel Album, at the NAACP Image Awards, do hope she wins that one! She deserves it!
To catch up on all of Michelle's interviews, selfies and other goodies, check her official FB page or her offical website in my Links section.

Thanks for visiting and welcome back!

 Best Wishes,

News                                                                                              Week 42, 2014


Since my last update I was able to remove GuidePosts from my SEARCH-gallery and add it to my Michelle gallery! Thanks so much to Nick for forwarding it to me! Such a lovely Michelle coverfeature! Speaking of Michelle in magazines, make sure to pick up the November issue of Sophisticate's Hair Styles & Care Guide, featuring an exclusive interview with lots of cool new photos! 
     During the past fortnight, Michelle has continued with her promotion tour of Journey To Freedom, making  interviews at WGN TV;

                                The Dorinda Clark-Cole Show (click for a sneak peak) and My Fox Memphis:  

She also showed her support for the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital (see insert, below left), hanging out with her new friend Christian. For more photos of Michelle, also check out Fix My Choir's Behind-The-Scenes photos. The show begins to air in the US on Wednesday, November the 5th. 
    Last, but not least, I just want to congratulate Michelle for her Best Gospel/Inspirational Soul Train Award nominee for "Say Yes", (she should WIN it!) passing 1 million streams on Spotify for the same song as well as the video getting more than 10 million views on YouTube. You go girl! 

Meanwhile Kelly Rowland has made an exclusive interview with ELLE magazine, taking some iconic photos of herself with her baby tummy. Click on the picture to see more photos: 


 On the 3rd of October she also posted another new photo of herself, wearing a black dress and a black hat, lovingly holding her stomache again. A new photo was also published on the 9th this month on her FaceBook page, this time with a white T-shirt with some cute, but wise words.

 While visiting different museums in Paris, Beyoncé also wore black hats, she has also posted a lot of new photos of herself, Jay-Z and Blue-Blue. 
       First off I want to thank Nick ever so much for forwarding BRATZ, the four different Life & Style issues, US Weekly, the New York Times magazine, Hype Hair and the magazine from Israel! Your help is so precious to me you're truly irreplacable! 
         Thanks to my twinsister Ann for letting me know Beyoncé was on the latest issue of the German TV14 and to the magazinestore in Malmö's trainstation for the latest heat issue.
  And as I will be adding some new photos to my MISC gallery soon; huge thanks to Rebecca in Germany for forwarding the two Pepsi-glasses I won through eBay Germany and Jessica in Canadafor the Heat Midnight stand up promo.

Have a continued great weekend and thanks for visiting!!                                                                            Best Wishes, Sofia

News                                                                                                Week 39, 2014


So time has continued to fly by and it's September already! Most important date of the month so far in the world of DC-3 has been the 9th, with Michelle releasing her fourth soloalbum; Journey To Freedom. Looking at where she's been the last four weeks, promoting it has been quite a journey in itself! She's been interviewed on the radio (Dish Nation, Power1051fm, KBXX 97.9 The Box..etc..), on TV (For instance BET's Lift Every Voice, on the red carpet for Fashion Rocks,, KTLA 5 Morning News and Good Day Atlanta)  and performed live here and there (Fellowship Chicago, Fashion Meets Music Festival...etc..). And how I wish I was at her signing at The Merge Summit in LA (A faith based entertainment conference)! 
 Here are a few of my favourite clips:

Head on over to her official FaceBook page or Unexpected Michelle'sto view more clips and videos.

Meanwhile Kelly has been keeping fit in the gym, worked with Caress and attended the MTV Video Music Awards, sharing a lot of photos from her life on Instagram. Just recently she posted a photo where she looks a lot like Donna Summer, in another you can see her in a car with her husband Tim.
        She has also launched her  new TW Steel Watches timepiece. check out the ad here:
Another do-not-miss moment of her life recently, is her MTV House of Style interview on  by Rita Ora, she discusses the evolution she's had on the red carpet:

      She looks so beautiful in the interview! She is practically glowing! I bet by the time for my next update Blue-Ivy will have recieved a little cousin! I wonder what Tim and Kelly will name their son! Either way, I hope her prernancy will continue to go by smoothly and both mother and son will remain healthy.

 Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Carter's On The Run tour wraped up their conserts in Paris on the 15th of September and five days after, HBO aired the one that was filmed. Rumour has it that Byeoncé and Jay Z are now working on an album together. 
   First and foremost, I'd like to thank my friend Annie for ordering SNATCH for me and for buying recent issues of Libération and Oops!  too! And I was so thrilled to finally get the US Weekly - The Body Issue spread from Annie as well! And I didn't even know about that NOW coverfeature! Thank you!! 
  A big thanks also goes out to Rui for the lovely Sopas 2000 cover! And for all the others.                                   xo, Sofia

News                                                                                                 Week 33, 2014


The past 4 weeks have just flown by, during which Mrs Rowland Witherspoon has worked with Caress prior to the MTV Music Awards. To enter the competition you make your own fab take on her selfies and send in. The winner gets an amp'd up Caress gift set and a personal tweet from Kelly herself. (Competition only ran through August 1 - August 13).
      Kelly has been nominated in the category Best Video With A Social Message with her video to Dirty Laundry. The show takes place next Sunday, August the 24th, so make sure to tune in and see if she wins! My fingers are firmly crossed!

For a short interview that she did with EBONY magazine, click on the picture to the left. Also make sure to check out the lyric video for The Game filled with tonz of clips from her Rowland Stones, by clicking on the picture to the right. She posted the video on her offical FaceBook page on August the 12th with the words A huge thanks for all your awesome entries, blown away by your talent and passion! -xo and again on the 15th with the words "#Rowlandstones I hope you're lovin the new lyric video".  

                  Meanwhile our girl Michelle was nominated for Song of The Year with Say Yes, at the Gospel Touch Music Awards. On their website you can vote for it all through the month of August. Speaking of that song, T-shirts with that song title printed on the front will soon be available to purchase through her official website.
            Also coming up this fall is the Oxygen show Fix My Choir, so watch out for that one! Meanwhile you can catch an interview with the hosts here:


And one lucky US or Canadian fan will be able to fly and discuss his or hers personal journey to freedom with Michelle herself. Head on over to her official website for more information about the competition. Even more fans will be able to se Michelle at the Freedom: The Merge Concert Experience at Millennium Biltmore Hotel next Saturday, August 23rd!
    Starting from the 22nd of July Michelle has revealed more of the tracklisting from her upcoming album through snippets of the songs Need Your Help, Yes, Fall, Fire, Just Like You, Beautiful, Believe In Me and Say Yes. Head on over to her official FaceBook page to listen to them.    

         On August the 9th, Mr and Mrs Carter wrapped up their On The Run tour in San Fransisco. For us fans not blessed with the ability to attend one of the tour's shows, HBO is airing a special on September the 20th at 9 PM ET:

   Recently Beyoncé revealed all photos included in her official 2015 calendar (see photos to the left). She has also released a remix to Flawless featuring Nicky Minaj:        


                                                                                                                                                                                  I'd like to thank my  friend Roman for the  Russian GLAMOUR, GQ and GRAZIA coverfeatures. I'd also like to thank Ann for the Professional Photographer, not to mention her and our mutural friend Rui for the absolutely stunning ELLE Brazil! What an amazing surprise that was!
Thanks for visiting my site and have a great new week, ya'll!                   Best Wishes, Sofia

News                                                                                                Week 28, 2014


 The highlight of the past fortnight when it comes to Mrs Rowland Witherspoon are definatelly her new TW Steel ads, as seen here to the left. Check out their website by clicking on the watch below:                             

 Many thanks to 787504 on eBay for the possibility for me to get a hold of the Estonian Cosmopolitan from December 2011. 


 Miss Williams on the other hand looked absolutely fierce at the Pre BET Awards dinner (in a golden dress) and at the red carpet to the actual awards on the 29th of June in the turquoise dress, seen here to the right. The third insert is one of the dresses she wore for the ESSENCE Festival. Which one is your favourite?  
 For an interview and behind-the-scenes footage from the ESSENCE festival, click on the photo below:
         Michelle has also continued her work with the upcoming TV show Fix my Choir, the show also have their own website, so another don't-miss moment is checking it out, among other things there's a cool behind-the-scenes photos and promo video (click on the promo pic to the left).  

Michelle was also interviewed by revolt TV where she talks about, among other things,  Beyoncé's and Kelly's pregnancies, the meaning of The Journey To Freedom and the Say Yes video:
I haven't seen the photo in the background with the yellow skirt before. I wonder if it's a promo photo for her new album, included in the upcoming CD-booklet? Time will tell.

Meanwhile the On The Run tour has continued through Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Toronto. On the 30th of June, The Carters family was spotted in East Hampton. Beyoncé was wearing a white T-shirt with the name of the cities London, New York, Paris and Milan and a black hat and jeans, while Jay Z was carrying Blue Ivy.
     Thanks so much to Ann for the Ahlan! cover! Thanks to Rysiek for the gazeta cover on Beyoncé and Jay Z! My first cover with them from the Drunk In Love video! 
 Thanks to 787504 on eBay for the Lithuanian Cosmopolitan and violin-institute for the Hungarian Tele Hold.  

                            Best Wishes, Sofia

News                                                                                                 Week 26, 2014


The last three weeks have just flown by! The biggest highlight during those was definately the release of the Say Yes video on the 18th of June! Which just happened to be exactly on the 12 years anniversary of the Bootylicious video! (click on the banner above to see the complete video). And who could forget other DC-3 videos like Survivor, Loose My Breath and Stand Up For Love? For a fan like me it was just amazing seeing the three ladies of destiny singing and dancing together again!!

    On the same day, Michelle was the emcee for the 2014 New York Women In Film And Television "Designing Women" Awards Gala at McGraw Hill Building, looking really fierce in a black dress, with her hair styled in a ponytail. Her complete album Journey To Freedom will be released on the 9th of September and you can see the cover picture here to the left (above insert). I can't hardly wait!

During the last couple of weeks Michelle's made a lot of promo interviews, for instance for Good Morning America (left insert below) about Say Yes (the video, working with Kelly and Beyoncé again) and her upcoming album among other things. Click on the icon below to see the one she did for MTV:                                                

Earlier today Michelle released a link to Billboard with the following information;

Destiny's Child's latest quasi-reunion, 'Say Yes', featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, vaults 9-1  on Hot Gospel Songs. The majority of its chart points (61%) is from streaming, as the song roars 18 - 1 on Gospel Streaming Songs With a 1,749 & blast to 1,2 million streams for the week (placing just outside the 100 most-streamed songs among all formats). The reason for the jump? The song's video premiered on June 18. 

So CONGRATULATIONS, 'Chelle! You deserve all the success possible!!
(Click on the small icon above for behind-the-scenes footage). 

               Our girl Kelly confirmed on the 11th of June via a photo on Instagram, showing of a pair of shoes with the same model belonging to Tim, that they are expecting  a baby boy, with the words "I'll be stunting like my daddy...". 
  Just the day before she was at the premiere of Think Like A Man 2 with Michelle, hiding the baby bump with a white shirt. Without further a due: CONGRATULATIONS Mr and Mrs Rowland Witherspoon!    
        On the 19th of June she posted a photo of her doing morning yoga with Jeanette Jenkins, showing off her beautiful baby bump!  

 She was also spotted at the first consert of the On The Run tour.
For more about Kelly click on the icons below for an interview she did with Idolator, as well as an InStyle interview with Kelly (to be featured in the July issue of the magazine):


On the 26th of June the On The Run tour kicked off in Miami, Florida. The tourphotos, the tourbook and other merchandise looks simply awesome! Check out the new additions to Beyoncé's online store! Also make sure to look at the rehearsals video, showing Blue Ivy clapping at the end, saying  her parents did a great job! The show did get two European dates, Mr and Mrs Knowles Carter will be performing in Paris on the 12th and 13th of September!

First off  want to thank my friend in Denmark for the three different Kig Ind covers, the latest GRAZIA cover from the UK, as well as the Danish version of Top of The Pops from 2002! Not to metion the Checz Republican TV Max!! Thanks to Allan in Australia for the OK! cover with Beyoncé and Solange and thanks to Rui in Portugal for buying 2 recent French Public coverfeatures to me!! Thanks to ushence on eBay for her time and business! Her last issue of a Bulgarian magazine featuring a Beyonce promo photo from the Pepsi commercial she did with David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez is soo rare and cool! The other rare magazine with the 2004 Rolling Stone photo is also an irreplacable addition to my collection/website. A HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Roman for making the purchase possible!! Last, but definately not least, thanks to my twin Ann for surprising me with the latest issue of Amelia the other day. As it's a monthly magazine I would've eventually have seen it myself, but it was so cool to come home seeing it on my glass table! THANKS!!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you're all having a really great weekend! 
Best Wishes,

News                                                                                       Week 23, 2014


I'm back after my own very busy fortnight! The last couple of week's biggest highlight for me is the first picture from DC-3's latest collaboration. I'm talking about Michelle Williams latest single Say Yes featuring Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, of course. 
You can check out the lyric video here: 

The song is so catchy you can't help but go singing or humming it yourself like all the time.
  I hope Michelle will soon give us a release date for "Journey To Freedom"!
   On a more sad note, the Jesus Christ Superstar tour has been cancelled.
     Thanks to Nick who forwarded the very lovely Michigan Avenue magazine to me!   

 On the 19th of May Mrs Kelly attended the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Sure she turned a lot of heads in that black dress! So fierce and sexy!  During the award show she presented the ChevyMilestone Award.

 On the 1st of June she published a photo of her working, calling it "Studio Flow" and on the she sent some love to us Rowland Stones. 
 Today,she is in Oklahoma City for the "Rythm On The River" consert with Nelly and T.I. 
   Thanks sooo much to musicsavesyou on eBay for putting the Pollstar issue with Destiny's Child from 1999 up for sale. Not to mention THANKS my friend Germán for the help of being able to win it!!   


        Thanks also to my girl Sanne who helped me with ASPIRE through silverduster' s eBay auction!!! Another one from my SEARCH-list, though it apparently didn't make it to the online version of it. Not to mention the Spits and VARA Gids covers! Giiirl! Can't thank you enough for your help!! 
 And a big thanks to Ece for the cool Trendy cover, as well as the fierce Blue Jean cover! 
    Another big thanks to Nick for buying EBONY and Juicy for me, as welll as forwarding Out, Billboard, Beauty On A Budget and Scene!! 
Thanks to kjell100-2008 on eBay for Meiden and for the rest.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting! 

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                 Week 20, 2014

Good afternoon! 

It's been another two busy weeks in the world of DC-3. Our girl Michelle attended the BCU Upfront gala, on the 15th of May,  looking very stunning in a white dress with black stripes along the legs. Just a week before she was dressed in white again, this time it being a white skirt and a black top looking flawless on a white motercycle. I wonder what she was up to.

    The 9th of May us fans could see the premiere of Michelle's cool new video to her song "Fire". Check it out by clicking on the photo below, second link is to a behind-the-scenes clip and third link is to a live performance of the song, "When Jesus Says Yes" and an interview with Yahoo Music:


       A second member of DC-3 has also been wearing white, but for a totally different occation. On the 9th of May our girl Kelly went from Miss to Mrs, when she tied the knot with Tim Witherspoon in Costa Rica. Beyoncé and Michelle attended the wedding, as well as Solange and Tina Knowles among others. I wonder if Michelle and Beyoncé were bridesmaids! Hope to see more photos from the happy couple's special day. 

Also look out for new photos and live clips from the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc  that Kelly attended yesterday, promoting the event wearing a T-shirt with birds on it. I tell you I'd love to know where she bought it! I've always loved birds myself.
     Mrs Rowland Witherspoon also looked amazing in gold at the 2014 American Ballet Theatre Opening Night Spring Gala at the 12th of May. Those golden high heels looks so fierce!! 

      Thanks soo much to Jessica for the Célébres & Riches and Ahlan! covers! Thanks also Paul in the UK for your time and business this time for Observer Magazine.

  Thanks also to giving me the ability to buy the recent GRAZIA UK and TIME magazine issues.
  Lastly I wanted to point out that due to all families having problems every now and then I wont be posting any magazines with photos from the elevetor at the MET gala. The person who leaked the video showing an argument between Jay Z and Solange never should have made it public. I respect any people's private lives, no matter if they are a celebrity or not.

 Check out this promo for the movie Run coming...Never, gueststarring famous actors like Sean Pean, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum and Blake Lively. You  get to see Mrs Carter in a wedding dress once again. 

 Have a continued great day and thanks for visiting ya'll!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                   Week 18, 2014


Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of Destiny's Child's Survivor album (May 1, 2001), an album that would change my life forever. Whatever I'm going through; pain, grief and/or troubles I can listen to the title song and feel encouraged to face whatever life throws at me. Or put on Happy Face and just be happy to be privileged to live another day. Or Independent Women Part I and II, as well as Bootylicious when I want to feel comfortable in my own skin, no matter which clothes I'm wearing or how much I weigh or where I am at financially...those songs just makes me celebrate who I am and find strength and pride from within. And because of that tragic weekend back in September the same year, I can still say to DC-3 "Because of you My Heart Still Beats"! Emotion is still one of the songs that comforts me when thinking about loved ones I've lost. Without the Survivor album, this site wouldn't be here, so I hope all that visits enjoy this Story of Beauty! So DC-3 : Thank You
             I also want to shout out a huge THANK YOU to Christina in Germany who helped me bid and win The Soul magazine through the German eBay. The seller did not ship abroad, so your kindness helping me out will never be forgotten!! 

    Thanks also to Christina for the Stars n' More coverfeature as well as the Austrian miss magazine! I can't thank you enough for your kindness for helping me order it from the magazine itself!  And while I'm on the subject of German magazines, thanks to Falke54de ( who made me aware of a 2013 issue of Event Rookie, featuring Beyoncé and one of her dancers on the cover, with an 11 page reportage about her tour inside. But most of all - thanks to the magazines online backissue service and my twinsister for ordering it for me!
Thanks to Rui for the Spanish GRAZIA, pustumsa for the Latvian TVguide cover and the_rock_traveller for Parents World! Last, but definatelly not least, thanks to Magni in Norway for the monet coverfeature from 2008! It's been on my searchlist for so long!!       
      On June 25 Mr and Mrs Carter kicks off their Us tour "On The Run" in Miami, Florida. The tour then continues around the US during the summer and ends on the 5th of August in San Fransisco. As of yet, there is no sign that the incredibly talented couple will take the tour world wide. Beyoncé is also current on the magazine shelves right now as she is gracing the current issue of TIME magazine, because she is one of the 100 most influential people according to the magazine.  

     Meanwhile Miss Kelly gave us a sneak-peak at  Caress' Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook, on the 9th of April:                                      
Kelly has also been visiting Vietnam and Korea, posting amazing photos on herself from both countries, some shown here to the left.
   Another memorable video clip is her morning work out with her motivator Jeanette Jenkins, from the 30th of April...Try doing Triceps Star Planks...I think I'm gonna need a few times to practice...

 Our Belle Michelle has been real busy the last three weeks as well,  on the 9th of April she stopped by TIME to chat about her most embarrassing moments: 
I love her fierce and positive attitude! Not to mention her heart of gold, check out her new partnership with Hyundai Hope On Wheels, to show her support in the fight against pediatric cancer: 

Loved seeing Michelle and Kelly together in the backseat of a car "We fly and we rollin'..." , posted on both their official FaceBook sites on the 24th of April. Some more of her personal photos that she has shared with us fans lately is shown as inserts above, right. 

Have a really great weekend and thanks for visiting! But before I sign of for this time, here's something additional to brighten up your day, a clip of a fun break Michelle had, while filming Oxygen's Fix My Choir. I wish the clip was longer 'cause their voices sounds so beautiful together and their joy is contagious:


Best Wishes,


News                                                                                                   Week 14, 2014



Running a couple of days late with my Week 14 update. I meant to do it Sunday, but I've been a real busy bee lately myself.

 Friday the 4th of April, Mr and Mrs Carter celebrated their sixth anniversary and around that time Beyoncé appeared with a curly new hairdo. They also brought along their daughter Blue Ivy to one of their public appearances. Oh my how she has grown! Time surely flies! You'd think that due to the fact that her world tour ended, celebrating the anniversary of their wedding and all, Beyoncé would kick back and take some time off, but somewhere amongst all that, she gave an interview to OUT magazine. Click on the cover to see more photos inside. 

        Speaking of covers I'd also like to thank Katrine for the Kig Ind cover from Denmark, even if the whole story is bogus (the title reads Let down by her manBeyoncé is getting a divorce) and thanks to seanlse on eBay for his business with Fit4Life. My first cover ever with that True Star Gold promo photo. I loved it so much it became the cover to my True Star II gallery. Us Weekly was a simple matter of ordering online.  

Lately Miss Kelly has been busy doing different photoshoots and/or videos for Caress, her publishing stunning photos of her putting on make-up and earrings on her FaceBook page. She was also spotted out on the town recently with her fierce new hairdo, wearing a star necklace.  
  Also check out the latest interview she did with HLN News Now by clicking on the picture. She talks about her Rowland Stones and her favourite TVseries among other things. 


Meanwhile, on the 1st of April Michelle introduced her campaign with Playtex Sport & Gentle Glide. Letting us fans know that she was excited about encouraging women to #play on regardless of what comes your way!  

Two days later she published this stunning close-up on her FaceBook page (see insert to the right).

The day after that, on the 4th of April to be exact, Michelle announced that she will be playing Mary Magdalene at the Jesus Christ Superstar Broadway tour, which will take her to 50 different cities around the US, starting in New Orleans on the 9th of June! She will co-star against John Hotten Lydon, Brandon Boyd, JC Chasez and Ben Foster among others. She also posted to videos, one performing "I Don't Know How To Love Him" and another with "Jesus Christ Superstar". How I wish I could attend one of the shows, especially after seeing these two amazing performances:


Have a continued great week, ya'll!

Best Wishes,





News                                                                                                    Week 13, 2014


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been superbusy after starting to work in a new place the 5th of March. I've also enjoyed my be-lated birthday present: a spa-weekend filled with massage, good food and good company! And this week I've had such a bad cold. But one has to keep going.

First I'd like to thank Tomoko for the awesome MTV Program guide and HMV covers! I love this photo of Beyoncé! Thanks to Cyrielle for Tina and a big THANK YOU to my BFF Sanne for the Dutch GRAZIA and the latest Tina issue featuring an old photo of Beyoncé from 2011. My collection wouldn't be the same without you, least of all my life: "You're my girl, we're you're girl, want you to know that we love ya!".
Thanks to burkes_bazaar at eBay for the time and business with the DARE magazine transaction we did and gbi2 for the one with the No.1 magazine. Another THANK YOU shout out goes to Peggy for the Italian Vanity Fair and Neil for the partly picturing New Idea coverfeature (not pictured here, but in the Beyoncé as well as the recently added galleries). THANK YOU Annie for helping me get the Da Niouz cover on Destiny's Child from 2001! Never would've been able to add this 13 year old cover to my collection as well as one of the Survivor galleries on this website without your help! Thanks also for the recent issues of madame Figaro, Public and Planet Scoop! Not to mention the Belgian storywood! Wow!  Well, I'm running out of time so I better Get Going...:


Our belle Michelle has been just as busy as Beyoncé the last few weeks. One of the highlights being that on the 18th of March she performed "Fire" live at the Women's Empowerment, just before she had done some motivational speaking there as well. She also attended the Restoration Weekend event in the same city, (i.e. Raleigh, North Carolina). 
    On the 24th this month she released a new photo with Chris and DeeDee (see my Week 5 update from this year or Michelle's 28th of January updates on her own FaceBook page for the older photo of her and her favourite make-up artists).
 No wonder they're her favourites, she is looking so good!                            Speaking of new photos, this week also saw the release of a new promo photo from her upcoming album "Journey To Freedom". She looks fierce in black and white stripes and that cool hat! And she's simply a vision of loveliness and beauty in this recent message to her fans, shot at this year's Gospel Superfest. Click on the picture to the left to hear what she has yet to come for us fans in 2014. I am especially longing to see the video to "Fire" as well as getting to know a release date to her new album. I wonder which news will get released first!  


Meanwhile Miss Kelly has been announced as the Caress fashionista of 2014. Sounds interesting and fun! I hope to see her on a lot of different fashion spreads and more ads, both in video clips and in magazines! Until then click on the picture to the right to get re-directed to Caress' FaceBook page, where you can check out a short commercial about it. During which Kelly tells us to get ready to indulge in exclusive fresh contents of fashion, beauty and fine fragrance.

Photos and video clips from Kelly's performance at the Jazz in The Gardens has been published here and there over the net and I think she looks simply amazing! How I wish she'd come to Sweden and sing for us live here too! Before the show she published a new photo of herself in colorful necklaces and straight hair. Looking so fierce! Five days later, on the 20th of March she posted a photo of herself watching the Sony Open Tennis, supporting her friend Serena Williams. 

Fresh off the press is this new photo of her holding a puppy at New York Live. Check out the interview by copying the URL below and pasting it into a new window: 

Amazing she is already working on her fifth solo album! Time sure flies when you are having fun! 

Thanks for visiting! Stay true to yourself, be happy and never give up on your dreams! 

Best Wishes,

News                                              Week 10, 2014


Another fortnight has passed and Michelle was just recently at the Grand Slam Charity Jam. In fact it was just yesterday, the 8th of March in Milwaukee. So I'm hoping to see some new photos of Michelle soon!
Click on the picture to read more about the event on their FaceBook page: 


Michelle was also spotted shopping together with Kelly Rowland in Beverly Hills, but this was a while ago, on the 26th of February to be exact. Later that same day, Kelly  was at the  ESSENCE Move More  NTC, that earned 1 million NikeFuel.        

A few days later, Kelly attended  Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in a lovely black dress. Perhaps from her shopping spree in Beverly Hills?Just yesterday she posted a new photo of herself in box braids. No matter what hairdo, she looks so stunning! Bet she will look amazing at the upcoming Jazz In The Gardens in Miami on the 15th of March too! For more info click on the picture. 


   This past week a lot of magazine covers have been published world wide with the b-s story that Beyoncé was unfaithful to Jay Z with president Obama. Such an insult to both marriages! No wonder those gossip magazines has to start making things up to be able to put Beyoncé on their tabloid covers. Still it's part of being famous I suppose. All that glitters aint gold. All one has to do to realize that those rumours are b-s are checking out the latest photos of Beyoncé and Jay Z leaving different clubs and restaurants in London. They do still look Crazy In Love. Enough said!

 Thanks sooo MUCH to Rui for thecoverfeatures Metro Portugal and the amazingly cool Ticket Line. Thanks to Ann for the heads up about National Enquirer and for the inside section cover The Buzz, from Cosmopolitan Middle East, January 2014. 

Last, but definatelly not least, thanks to on clippingskrazy on for his time and business. Getting a fully picturing cover from the video set to Flawless was a real thrill for a collector like me.

 Take care, count your blessings and keep smiling!

Best Wishes,                                   Sofia 


News                                       Week 8, 2014


Beyoncé has kicked off the 2014 part of her The Mrs Carter Show World Tour, in Glasgow on the  21st of February and I'm jealous of all those fans who can watch her perform her new songs from her selftitled album, like Flawless, Blow and XO. Luckily us fans without tickets can catch a few clips from different performances on YouTube

   Thanks to Allan for the Who Weekly and Marietta for the latest HitKrant cover with the XXL poster with a promo photo from the videoset of Flawless. Lastly I could update my site with the Tina coverfeature from last year, due to ' s backissue service! It had a awesome 2 page reportage inside.

                                                      Meanwhile the latest news from Michelle is that she will play Mary Magdalen in a new musical called "Revival" . She will play opposite Harry Lenis, Steve Harris, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Brely Evans, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Dawn Lewis, Obba Babatundé, Chaka Khan and many more. 

 Thanks to writing Destinys Child on ISSUU.COM 's search engine I stumbled across the online magazine AIRPLAY 360 's August 2013 issue who featured Michelle on the cover. So I added that one to my website as well as Gospel Charlotte's booklet for the third annual Bears for Buddies event impossible not to add that one to her gallery on this website as well, as unfortunately covers on her aren't easy to come by. I assume it was available in a printed issue. 

Michelle will also attend the 2014 Inspiration & Music Conference in Philadelphia on March the 14th. 

Journey To Freedom will be out later this year, check out her talk about the album and other things during this very recent interview with Sway:                                                                                                                             

Photos of Miss Kelly from the Love Like A Movie 2 event, both from the red carpet and her performances has surfaced a lot during the last week. 

In a recent interview Miss Kelly said that she and Tim Witherspoon is planning their wedding to take place sometime this year in a very intimate and private ceremony.  She will make a very beautiful bride that's for sure, which we all know from the April/May 2005 Modern Bride issue (click on the thumbnail to see a larger version). Either way, I'm wishing them all the happiness possible and hoping they'll share some photos from their special day with us fans and the rest of the world.

 Thanks for visiting and welcome back!  

Best Wishes, Sofia 

News       Week 7, 2014


Since last time Miss Kelly turned 33! On the 11th of February to be exact. She seems to have had an AMAZING day! I do believe I've never seen a birthdaycake in gold before! But there's a first time for everything! 
         Just recently the video to "Love & Sex", the duet Kelly has made with Joe, was released, check out the video by clicking on the photo below:


 Another photo from the 4th of February has surfaced on the net, When both Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland went to support Fantasia during Broadway's After midnight. So good to see two of my favourite ladies of Destiny together., Speaking of being together, loads of people are coming together for a Super Gospel Fest live in Chicago on the 22nd of March and of course the incomporable gospel singer Michelle will be there! Such lucky fans that can buy a ticket for the show!

 For us fans who wont be able to join, here's a longer video clip of Michelle Williams interviewing different people, at first Bruno Mars, who performed at this year's Halftime show at the  Super Bowl:


I want to thank Halina in Polen for the To & Owo TV coverfeature, for GALA, but most

of all I want to thank my friend Neil who was so kind and generous to buy some truly incredible Japanese programs and books for me, from Austin Powers 3 to Cadillac Records!! I can't thank you enough really! How awesome to be able to add Cosmopolitan Campus cover too! A rather usual coverpicture, but how rare that it was only distributed for free in Korean university campuses back in May 2009! Wow! 

Hope you'll all have a lovely new week!

All the best,


News                                                                                                     Week 6, 2014


Real busy this weekend, so a small update just to once again thank my friend Tomoko for helping me take this website around the world! Your contributions from Japanese press is truly Irreplacable!! Words fail in comparison to show my gratitude! You must have angel wings hidin' underneath there somewhere! The Aera, bmr, Celeb and Japanese movie magazines look so amazing I can't pick a favourite! Not to mention how cool it was to recieve a MC Donalds plastic bag from around 2005-2006 on DC-3!          
                             Thanks also to for the eBay sellers just-looking!!!and ArturoAgro for their time and business,  Jet Away is one of the coolest covers on Beyoncé I've ever seen  and Huellas, Clase Premier and tvBlikk is three of my other favourites as well. Speaking of unforgettable favourites. check out the commercial to Beyoncé's new fragrance, Rise:  
One of the coolest ads I ever did see!

Have a great weekend ya'll!
Best Wishes,



News                                                                                                     Week 5, 2014

Good evenin'!

Did ya'll see the steaming hot performance of Drunk In Love by Mr and Mr Carter at the Grammy's last week? I bet you did! But just in case you missed it, click on the small thumbnail to see it! They got strong critism from some partents, mostly due to Beyoncé's sexy dance moves, but did they listen to the lyrics, I wonder? It is art, aint no shame in the way a  respectable, married woman dances for her husband. In my eyes, on stage was a happily married couple, still Crazy In Love after all these years, doing what they love and are so talented at; singing and dancing. So here's my standing ovation for the Carters!! 

 First off I want to thank  my new friend Martina for the Jolie and TU STYLE coverfeatures! Only had the Jolie Pad before and TU STYLE has been on my SEARCH-list for quite some time! Second, thanks to Niki for another 4 Bulgarian magazines! I especially love the TV Media one with Beyoncé killin' it on stage with Single Ladies! Last, but definately not least, THANK YOU to yet another new friend of mine; Neal for the Creme from New Zealand and the Korean GRAZIA! Don't think I'd ever been able to get hold of those issues without your help!

     Kelly Rowland is in Dallas as I am writing this, preparing for a birthday bash of her's at Medusa. Tomorrow she'll be in Houston for another one of her birthday bashes, at the Infamous All Black Million Dollar Ball. Another upcoming performance of her's is at Da-rey a.k.a Dare Art Alade's 'Love Like A Movie 2" on the 15th of February at Eko Hotel, Oceanview Grounds! Naturally, I wish I could've been one of the lucky fans to see her and congratulate her on her 31st birthday!
   On the 28th of January she joined her friend LaLa at her booksigning for LaLa's book "The Love Playbook". Fans were able to have questions answered by both stars. What an amazing friend Kelly is!
       THANKS to my girl Annie for helping me get Fashizblack!! AMAZINGLY beautiful and rare photos of Miss Kelly Rowland!! 

      Meanwhile Michelle has been just as busy the past week, recently singing the American National Anthem at the Coors Light NHL Stadium series. A truly memorable and outstanding performance. 

On the 28th of January she shared a photo of her and her make-up artists Dee Dee and Chris on her offical Facebook page, all three of them smiling sweetly for the camera. And earlier today she posted the above picture with the words "Let your smile change the world. Don't let the world change your smile". Though when a person has suffered a traumatic event of some sort, not making the world change you is hard work. But seeing Michelle's beautiful and contagious smile sure lights up your soul!  
     Another unforgettable clip to watch with our belle, is the  Super Bowl Sing Off that she had with the players, with the Insider at Yahoo. She is an incredibly sweet and lovely reporter, I think! Check out the clip below and sing along you too! 



More about these multitalented ladies next week.Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                     Week 4, 2014

Good day!

 Hope 2014 has been good to all of you so far. Our ladies of destiny has been seen together quite a few times recently, which is a real treat for a fan like me and other DC-3 supporters;

The New Year's Ewe Party at the Versace mansion in Miami
Blue Ivy's Zoo themed 2nd Birthday party, January 7, 2014

Tina Knowles 60th Birthday party, January 11, 2014 

Beyoncé and Kelly also crashed a karaoke party in Miami, surprising two fans singing Beyoncé's song "Party". Click on the picture to hear more, by Clevver Music, about this amazing story about these lucky girls! Unfortunatelly there's no video to be find online from the event, but the pictures looks so lovely! 

                                            Michelle has continued attending different events after the ones mention above;

Stellar Gospel Music Awards, 19 January (middle left corner)

ESSENCE Black Women in Music (below, left insert)

Entertainment One Music Nashville, 23rd of January (above left insert)

Looking stunning in different black and white outfits. I hope we'll soon be able to see the video to "Fire", as well as being given a release date to "Journey to Freedom".

             Meanwhile Kelly's and the Hollywood Jeanette Jenkin's workout DVD "Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt" has been voted as one of the Top 15 home work outs by Fitness magazine! Congratulations Kelly and Jeanette!
      Speaking of Kelly, I was finally able to find the recent Hip Hop Weekly coverfeature she was on the cover of and have it sent to my friend Nick, who forwarded that one and the SHAPE magazine he picked up for me in stores. It was amazing getting these two awesome coverfeatures on my very birthday! Can't thank my friend Nick enough for his help really!!  

Not to mention the other 4 Hip Hop Weekly coverfeatures on Beyoncé that he passed on to me! I was thrilled to find the Couple's Issue on eBay a while back and Nick's been so kind helping me with 3 very recent issues featuring Beyoncé on the cover.   
    Thanks to Ann for showing me that the readers of Heat magazine voted Beyoncé as the winner to "Utlimate Celebrity" and "Best Pop Star", as stated in their January 4 - 10 issue. And thanks for the head's up about the recent GRAZIA issue! 

 I also want to shout out a big THANK YOU!! to Jessica for the two different JM covers, Journal Montreal Weekend, Star Inc and the lovely Riches & Célébres coverfeature.  

Last, but definatelly not least I want to thank my BFF Sanne for making my birthday extra special, with the Pulse fragrance sample among other things (it's viewable in the Misc gallery), I've never seen such a sample before, so it's such a rare collector item! 

Have a great weekend ya'll and don't miss the 2014 Grammies tomorrow night!!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                      Week 1, 2014



Another short update during the holidays, but I couldn't resist writing a big THANK YOU to my girl Sanne, who had made a DestinyCovered bag for me only! It truly rocks, you're such a true star!! Thanks also for the lovely Christmas surprise Fashionista, my 8th cover from the grammies this year! It was also cool to see Beyoncé as one of the front persons on Aftonbladet KLICK!'s coverstory about unforgettable photos of the year, her H & M photo shoot is definatelly one to remember! A big THANK YOU to Joanna too, for the Pulse perfume sample, that I could also finally add today, as my storage problem has been solved, I could re-post my Misc gallery. 

Last, but definately not least, I just wanted to wish all of DestinyCovered visitors a very


Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                           Week 52

I want to give a shout out to Allan for the awesome Austalian Urban Megastar poster book. 
Thanks also to annakay333 on eBay  for the PRIDE magazine from 2007! Not to mention Nieuwe Revu's online backissue service! Nr 16 from this year is such an amazingly rare collector's item! Never saw a cover like it before! 

 But most of all I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a 


Merry Christmas!!!

Best Wishes,


News                                                                                                              Week 51


Due to a storage issue, my update has been delayed. But what an awesome surprise that Beyoncé released her new selftitled album in secret at midnight on the 12th of December!! With 17 new videos!! WOW! That woman sure knows how to leave us breathless, in complete awe! 
Not to mention her announcement that she has pro-longed her tour into 2014 with quite a few dates! WOW!   
     Anywho, if I could, I'd be posting links to all the videos, but most of them are not available in my region. So it's a must to surf to iTunes and buy a copy. The album is already closing in to 1 million sold copies!!

Also, she recieved another grammy nomination earlier this month. This time around with her husband's song Part II (On The Run) on which she is featured in.  

 As for the lately added coverfearures I want to thank Tomoko for her help with the bmr issues on the ladies of Destiny and Mr and Mrs Carter live back in 2006! Such incredible and rare coverfeatures!! I don't know how to ever repay your kindness, words seems inadequate! Thanks also to Annie for helping me with the old issue of Public with Beyoncé holding Blue in her arms, as well as for the recent issues of Oops! and Public with Mr and Mrs Carter on the cover! Further more, thanks to Andrey for the Russian SHAPE magazine, as well as the Russian H & M catalogue! Can't hardly believe it is my 8th catalogue! I remember it like it was yesterday when I wished to at least get one! Where did all the time go? Last, but not least, thanks to Germán for the Spanish iN TOUCH!!   

For the video to Super Power our favourite ladies of Destiny made an appearence together! It's sure some kind of magic seeing the three of them together! <3 <3 <3  BUT! Miss Kelly also appears in the video to "Grown Woman", that also includes exclusive  clips from the early years of Destiny's Child performing together with the other members or just Kelly and Michelle by themselves. Check out the cool video by clicking on the picture to the right. 

Another video worth watching with the beautiful Miss Kelly is the funny interview she did with Arsenio Hall (see left). 

I'm very proud to announce that Kelly has been nominated in the 
Best R n B song category with 

Without Me

Fantasia featuring
Kelly Rowland and
Missy Elliot.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th of December, X factor's finalist will finally have a showdown. Kelly's so proud of Jeff Gutt that made it to the finalists. I wonder what Kelly will wear for the show! I love the black and white outfit she wore for one episode, not to mention the gold dress she wore for another. My favourite of all her recent dresses is definatelly the one she wore at the 2013 Winter Ball for Autism. What a sight for sore eyes! Absolutely stunning!!
    To round up the news about Kelly I just want to thank leigh_rawlings on eBay for her time and business; the New! coverfeature.

Meanwhile Michelle attended the 2013 Soul Train awards, looking stunning in a light blue dress with black flowers all over it. Our belle Michelle spread a little holiday cheer in Charlotte at the Levine Children's Hospital on the 6th of December. Lucky children to be in her presence! She posted this photo from that day on her FaceBook page (inset above right) with the words "The kids are so adorable". Well, so is she for being there! <3
And the people at the Universal CityWalk Hollywood's Christmas series on the 10th of December was really lucky too, to be able to see Michelle live. She'll be performing live again on the 22nd of December she'll be performing at the House of Blues Sunset Strip. As for interviews, she's made two during the last few weeks that I know of, one with Michael Hernandez from ABC, one with JET magazine, one with Good Day LA and a Toy Story. Click on the pictures to read or watch the interviews:

Have a really great new week ya'll! Thanks for visiting!
All The Best,

News                                                                                                            Week 48


Another three weeks of 2013 has passed and in the meantime this site has turned 4! To celebrate I made a new banner! Choosing SuperBowl and fire as a theme. During the last three weeks I've also recieved a lot of coverfeatures, so I'd like to thank:

Allan for the help with Spectrum!  
Christoszag2, an eBay seller, for the awesome Purple from 2006!
Ece for the AMAZING Turkish and Serbian covers! Your help, as well as yourself, are Irreplacable

and last, but definetelly not least, thanks to my girl Sanne for the amazing Dutch coverfeatures, especially the TV Gids Veronica from April this year! Loved it so much I changed the cover picture to my first The Mrs Carter Show World Tour gallery!   

Meanwhile Life Is But A Dream is not available to purchase on DVD, make sure to get your copy
  NOW! Mrs Carter also won Best Live Performance at the 2013 MTV EMA's. Check out her thank you speech by clicking on the picture. 

Today she is in Canada and on Monday, the 2nd of December she'll start off the US leg of her tour. 

Miss Kelly has been an even busier woman. Most recently she has announced that she's now     engaged to her manager Tim Witherspoon! CONGRATULATIONS!
May your love and happiness last Forever And A Day!            
     Kelly has also done live performances in Virginia , Dubai and Roanoke, VA! Check out the links on her FaceBook page as well as all the outfit's she's been rockin' in the latest episodes of X factor!  

 Now that 2013 is almost coming to an end, the release of The Journey To Freedom is coming closer, so the wait for us 'Chelle fans will be over as well. The album will be in stores on the 11th of February.

Michelle has also been singing live, at the Youth Explosion in Charlotte, NC as well as at the House of Hope in Atlanta. She also did an interview at the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Make sure to check all of them out on her FaceBook page. Below is a funny clip from the last mentioned interview: 

Most of the covers on this site has the girls wearing make-up, so the theme for this week's News Update is to celebrate their make-up artists as well. 

 It's been 4 really cool years and I hope you'll come back soon!

Have a great weekend!
Best Wishes,

News     Week 45, 2013


Michelle Williams has been one busy lady during the last 2 weeks. Just yesterday she was a presenter at the 2013 Soul Train Awards as well as the BET Black Girls Rock on the third of November. She has also made a Yahoo Music special called The Michelle Williams experience, which I am longing to be able to see the full version of. On the 7th of November she posted a photo of herself (see above, right) with the words "Good Morning! Hope you guys have a FAB day. - luv ya". Her natural beauty sure shines through as she isn't wearing too much make up. 'Chelle has also been at the premiere of the Best Man Holiday movie, looking fly in a black dress. Speaking of black dresses, some photos from an unkown photo shoot has also surfaced on the net. I wonder if it's for the album cover of "The Journey To Freedom" or for another magazine? New music from Michelle is the If We Had Your Eyes remix with Fantasia. Click on the picture to listen. 

Kelly Rowland also attended the BET Black Girls Rock, but as a performer. Check out her incredible performance of her song Gone featuring Sevyn and Eve:

The dance section at the end of the song is just amazing! I've lost count on how many times I've seen it now! I hope a video to the song will soon follow.    

   Her amazing covershoot with the French magazine Fashizblack will soon be out in France and in another 1-2 weeks it will be available in the US too. I for one will try to get a hold of a copy as soon as possible! Kelly looks so beautiful and classy on it! She's been rocking her stylish ways on the X-factor as well. I especially loved the black dress she wore  on the 30th of October (insert above). 

The Australian leg of the Mrs Carter Show World Tour has continued through Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. She made a special, unforgettable moment for one of the fans in the front row of Adelaide, recording herself on his mobile phone. So sweet and a little funny, as she stops singing Irreplacable for a few seconds saying "This is a first. Hi! He's on facetime right now. Nice to meet you".
Check it out: 

 Thanks SO much to my friend Germán for the help with the Think magazine. It is such a lovely and rare cover! Both when it comes to the magazine itself, as well as the cover photo. Another HUGE thank you to Norival in Brasil (eBay seller) for his time and business! I wouldn't have been able to find an issue of the super cool C & A Vista magazine from June 2010 without his help! Last, but definately not least, thanks to my friend Sharon for the cool Stars of Hip-Hop and R&B as well as the Australian issue of Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. I luv 'em!

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                            Week 43, 2013


 What a week! First off, I want to say

¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤☆•*¨*•.¸¸THANK YOU Lajos ¸¸.•*¨*•☆¤ª"˜¨¨¯
for your time and business! I would've never been able to find these seven Hungarian covers without your help! So cool to finally have recieved the Bravo from 2001 that I've been looking for, for probably just as long! And the 100xSzép from 2006 was great to finally recieve as well! 
¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤☆•*¨*•.¸¸THANK YOU Katrine ¸¸.•*¨*•☆¤ª"˜¨¨¯
especially for ordering SOUNDVENUE for me, from 2011, but the Danish Kig Ind and the Russian GRAZIA and rare magazine from 2009 was awesome to be able to add to my galleries as well.
Last, but definatelly not least;
¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤☆•*¨*•.¸¸THANK YOU Tomoko ¸¸.•*¨*•☆¤ª"˜¨¨¯

for being such an amazing friend and for still saving coverfeatures for me. The ST magazine from the SuperBowl performance is outstanding and it's so cool to have the Japanese versions of GQ and H & M's summercatalogue! And WOW! Not to mention the amazing Gossips Press! WOW!I never knew about that magazine before you surprised me with it! So Thank YOU! Such an irreplacable addition to my collection/website gallery! Loved it so much I made it the cover to "Diamonds II"! 
            Meanwhile Beyoncé's tour has continued to New Zealand and Australia. Just today she released a video from when she was skyjumping in Auckland, click on the photo to see the 1 minute and 14 seconds clip:

During the last 2 weeks Michelle's been real busy, performing and hosting in NYC at the 2013 Skin Cancer Foundation Gala, rocking the evening in 3 different outfits. Looking very elegant in all of them.  For more photos from the event, check out Unexpected Michelle's photogallery (the website of which Michelle herself has given much praise to, many times:   

Along the last couple of weeks 'Chelle also shared the inspirational quotes;
 "Do you even realize how amazing you are?"
"You have the power to change everything what's to come. Why not be great?"
"If you kick a stone in anger,
you will hurt your own foot

"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says '
I'm possible'

and my personal favourite; 

"Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself!" 
 She also shared a very sweet photo of herself on Twitter, holding this adorable puppy (see insert below). Another unforgettable Michelle moment of the fortnight is the newly released photo from the "Fire" video.
I can't hardly wait to see this video she looks absolutely stunning!! 

The X Factor has continued as planned, but Miss Kelly has also been busy performing at this year's Black Girls Rock! Inc on Black Entertainment Television (BET), looking fly in black clothes with the text HBA.
During the fortnight she also shared the quotes
"Be kind, be honest, be loving and all those things will come back to you"
"No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch

As for photos, the one she took of herself holding up Michelle's CDsingle was so funny, with Michelle herself in the background. Also on the 20th this month, she shared such an adorable photo of herself with her cute little nephew! The second insert below is a photo Kelly shared wishing us fans a Happy Friday! Her facial expression reminded me of the one she has on the Hungarian BRAVO, so I had to include it in this week's gallery. Think she only gets more beautiful with time! 

Have a great weekend ya'll! Hope you'll come back to visit my site soon again. 

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                           Week 41, 2013 


After a long fortnight it is good to be back. Eventhough I only have 1 cover to update the site with, 
I'm happy it is no longer frozen.  OK!, one of the Mexican magazines Beyoncé has been featured on this year has a beautiful 10 page reportage inside. So if you're a collector, just like me, you should try and get your own issue! 
            It's a funny coincidence that on that same OK! cover Beyoncé strikes a pose with both her arms on her hip. All the ladies of Destiny has stroke a pose recently with one hand on their hip. Looking fly in camouflage colours, Kelly's especially reminding me of the Survivor video. I love Michelle's look at the the Grammy museum so much that I added a close up on her dress in this week's update too, eventhough that event took place weeks ago.
           Since my last update Beyoncé's been to Puerto Rico, wearing yet another new tour outfit. She looks so fly it almost looks as if the light is coming off of her. 
            As for Kelly, check out her heartfelt new ad for Saving Our Young Daughters, by clicking on the picture below:

Or the amazing new photos from ELLE presents a day in the life of Kelly Rowland here:

Last, but not least, how awesome to hear Fire being played in the clubs already:

Click on the photo below if you want to listen to a 3 minute interview with Michelle by the


Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

Best Wishes,


News                                                                                             Week 39, 2013


TGIF! First off, thank you RYSIEK for the awesome and rare Pepsi glass! I know they had 2 different ones in Polen, but one is better than nothing! It looks so amazing next to my Pepsi bottles in my book shelf!
     Thanks also to Mikael at SGM News for sending an issue of Nr 3, 2013 for me! So thankful for for making me aweare of it!  

The Mrs Carter Show World Tour has reached Mexico, which means new photos on her official tumblr site. ( ). Also check out this lucky fan meeting Beyoncé and be inspired by him as well:

Remember my Week 28 update and the words "What a week it's been! I tell you, sometimes it feels like ever since the SuperBowl our girls has been on fire!" ? Well, I find it a funny coincidence that  our Belle has released a new song with the title FIRE, make sure to listen to it here:

I love it sooOOoo much It's such a fierce sound for her. Sometimes the vocals reminds me a little of Nelly Furtado. 

Either way, the song makes me yet a little more impatient for Journey To Freedom...2014 is too far away...

Seems like we wont have to wait as long for the video, hear Michelle talk about it here, on the red carpet for the premiere of the movie "Baggage Claim": 

Hopefully by next week I can add a video from the Grammy museum, where Michelle honoured Ray Charles. For now only the picture above has been released (So it is not the album cover). 

Miss Kelly got the category #over25s on X-factor, that has now aired it's last episode of the auditions in the US. Here is a re-cap from Wednesday's episode: 

And while we're on the subject of recent videos with Miss Kelly, check out this one were she shows some of her work out movies wiht Jenna Jenkins and talks about her eating and work out habbits, not to mention GIRL POWER:

Last, but not least, thanks to my sis for letting me know about Heat's X-factor special! I hope US magazines, at least newspaper, will soon put our favourite X-factor judge on the cover!

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                            Week 37, 2013


This must be this year's most amazing weekly update of  DestinyCovered! But more about that later on.

First up, X-factor has finally had it's premiere in USA, the third season started airing this week, on the 11th and the 12th. How I wish I was a fly on the wall in an American home then...Not really, a guest on the sofa preferably! I did check out YouTube for some glimpses of Miss Kelly and the amazing talents she and Demi, Paulina and Simon were judging. Here are 3 of my personal favourites;

Rion Page:

Lillie McCloud:

Alex and Sierra:

I bet they'll all go far this third season of X-factor USA! So I wish them Good Luck! Also check out the latest interview Kelly did for Good Day L.A;

Other news about Kelly is that she is rumoured to have made a new video, perhaps for "Gone"?
Looking forward to seeing that one. As quote of the week she posted
"Everything you want is on the other side of fear". 
Tomorrow she will be performing at the V-103 The People's Station.
Our girl Michelle has continued making promotion for her video to "If We Had Your Eyes" and she did a memorable interview with 106 & Park, "Through Michelle's Eye";

She looked so fierce in this mix between a pink suit and leather jacket. Not to mention that black necklace! This week 'Chelle also released a new photo from a recent photoshoot (see insert picture).On Tuesday she also posted a yummy photo of a S'more Cheesecake and apparently she got some bad comments on it. I block out the haters so they're not worth mentioning really, but I love her comeback;
It amazes how I can post a fun picture about cheesecake and the bitter haters still find a way to comment and say something stupid!!! I'm trying my best not to @ you!!! I have to live the words of my new song If We Had Your Eyes!! Stop coming on ppl's pages saying dumb remarks that you wouldn't DARE say to their face!!! That's all I ask of you!!!! God bless you beautiful ones!!!
So I just say: You go girl! I can't hardly wait for next year when I can get my own copy of your album "Journey To Freedom"!

Meanwhile the Mrs Carter Show World Tour reached Brazil, thus she has released lots of amazing photos on and off stage, check them out on the following pages;

 Before I go I just wanted to thank, I know I already wrote you personally, but your help is truly irreplacable to me;

Ann - for helping me with the amazing Sophisticate's Black Hair Style & Care Guide, Currentland and SHAPE on Beyoncé from this year and Hype Hair on Destiny's Child that I've been looking for, for so many years!

Annie - for helping me win Télé DH and the very rare and hard-to-get German DVD Premiere from 2006! My 7th cover with a Pink Panther promo photo! Thanks also especially for Miss Ebene on Kelly and the recent issues of GRAZIA (France) and Oops!

Nick ; for buying Sophisticate's Black Hairstyle & Guide, ESSENCE and Hype Hair presents...Fall Style on Kelly for me! And for saving all those other magazines I could update my site with this week, due to you letting me have the magazines I win sent to you first to save on postage! Your patience, kindness and time is irreplacable! 

Magni - Thanks for the Norweigan H & M catalogues!

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                             Week 36, 2013

            ☆♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸If we had your eeeeys...☆♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ....we'd see things riiiight...¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪☆

I could hardly believe my eyes earlier this week, 3rd of September, when seeing I was Top Commentary with my comment on Michelle's outstanding video!! It almost looks like she answered me directly! I immediatly pushed Fn+SysRq, just like my BFF taught me, and saved the screen picture into Paint. Thus I couldn't resist but to "immortalize" it even more on my News feed and share it with all of you guys. I just love the song so much now! At first I thought she used her upper register too much, but while really listening to the lyrics, you can hear and feel in your heart the pain and frustration she feels about how people treat eachother in this modern time. She even added this quote to her FaceBook page "Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are" in her own handwriting. She's such a beautiful woman, inside and out! Can't hardly wait for her album!
       Another highlight of this week was, of course, Beyoncé's B'day. Check out videomessages from fans all over the world here;

It's just amazing to see how creative and talented they are!
I think some of them oughta become singers themselves! Though it's Friday, I'm gonna use a little ThrowBack...Because I haven't seen a photo from her 32nd birthday. Speaking of Beyoncé, thanks to crniroko68 for the Croatian ilustrovana cover. I know how much Beyoncé's grammies means to her, so it is great to be lucky enough to have yet another cover of her holding the latest one she recieved.
Last, but definatelly not least, thanks so both my Polish friend Joanna and my German friend Rebecca for the 2 new coverstories I got from you. The Polish newspaper ones are so rare and it was just incredible getting the German InTouch from 2006, after looking for the complete coverfeature for years! Thanks girls! You rock! 
Are you getting ready for Wednes-
day next week? X-factor's new season begins! I am longing to see Kelly as a judge and co-worker. Seems she is having so much fun with Simon, Demi and Paulina! I'm really so happy for her.

For ThrowBackThursday, Kelly showed two photos, one with Michelle Williams and Jennifer Hudson, during a tour stop, as well as an awesome still photo from her Motivation video. I liked both of them so much I had to feature them in my newsfeed as well.
    Kelly also shared a quote with us fans on her FaceBook page this week;

"If it's important to you, then you will make it a priority"'

Have a really great weekend and thanks for surfing to my site! I really appreciate it!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                            Week 35, 2013

Good afternoon!

Brand new photos from the set of a new Beyoncé video has surfaced on the net. She is in an amusement park. Rumour has it that it's for a song called "xo", but it hasn't been confirmed yet. To celebrate those news, I picked my favourite photo and used it for this week's gallery, as you can see above.
           Big ups to Meurgey (eBay France) for Direct Martin! My 5th Super Bowl coverfeature! But most of all I want to say THANK YOU 


                                                                ¸¸¸.•✿ Adrian!!!!✿•.¸¸

                                                           ¸¸¸.•✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿•.¸¸¸

for the amazing JOY, Harper's Bazaar , GLAMOUR and OK Extra! from Romania and the Harper's Bazaar from Bulgaria. Such hard-to-find coverfeatures I doubt I'd ever be able to find them myself on eBay or other auction sites. Thanks also for the awesome I Am...Sasha Fierce promo stickers, next to impossible to find for sale nowadays too. This week's udpate wouldn't have been the same without you! Hope we can trade loads more times in the future! 

Meanwhile Michelle's having a blast at Megafest  for the MYE concert! Her green dress and golden accessories makes her look like a million dollars! So stunning and happy!  Other Michelle news from the past previous days is this interview:

"Keep your mouth off people if you don't know their story", is such a beautiful and strong message and I agree fully. I do try not to be a "hollaback girl", as Gwen Stefani puts it in one of her hit songs and I try not to judge people too quickly either. 

All Kelly-fans are looking forward to tomorrow, Kelly appearing live at Saturday Night Live. I wish I could attend that show as well! But most of all I am longing for X-factor to start. Not too much time left! For a recent interview about X-factor, check out:

For more news about the X-factor 2013 season, go to:

Kelly is not only on the recent issue of ESSENCE and Sophisticate's  Black Style & Care Guide, but also Hype Hair's Fall Style issue. (I am still waiting for the previous issue she was on the cover of, might get it next week). Which cover do you guys prefer? Short or long hair? My favourite, without a doubt, is the latest issue. Really looking forward to seeing the pictures inside them as well. So far I haven't seen them online anywhere.

Thanks again for visiting my site and have a really great weekend!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                              Week 34, 2013
All the single ladies...

Got a bit carried away there...I was thrilled the other day to recieve my 4th live cover of Beyoncé performing Single Ladies at Glastonbury back in 2011, L'Essentiel, from the  28th of June that same year. It inspired me to do this clipart gallery. Thanks to an eBay seller at for that one!
        Check out a new video with Bee promoting her upcoming conserts in Brazil;

 This week I also recieved my own copy of Talk A Good Game! I know...It's a little late isn't it? But it was definatelly worth waiting for! I truly love it! No wonder Kelly is so passionate about it. I can hardly pick my favourites! But "Freak", "Gone", "Dirty Laundry", "Red Wine", "Street Life" and "Stand In Front of Me" comes quickly into mind! Talking about the lovely Miss Kelly, she chose a photo from the "Like This" video for this week's Throw Back Thursday. One of her outfits in that video kinda reminded me a little of my favourite Talk A Good Game promo, so I couldn't resist putting them together. 

                 Yesterday Michelle performed at The Merge Summit's Opening Night Celebration, so us fans who were not lucky enough to attend is looking forward to seeing photos from the event soon. It lasts till Sunday, so perhaps there's more to come. This weeek 'Chelle also revealed that she has a mystery guest in her video for If We Had Your Eyes that she is dropping SOON! I'll sign this week's news update off with Michelle's quote of the day from Monday the 19th;

 You don't have to compromise.
Change the world.
Don't let the world change you!

Have a really great weekend ya'll!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                             Week 33, 2013

G'day to you all!

 First off; THANKS A MILLION Nikolai for these 5 Bulgarian magazines! So kind of you to buy BRAVO with Kelly and Beyoncé for me because of my request as well as trading 4 other mags with me, which made me able to delete 2 more magazines from my searchlist (Cosmopolitan Bulgaria from 2008 and 2009) and I've been hoping for the chance to get my hands on an issue of Moda!

 Since  Kelly's ESSENCE issue is in the US stores now, more photos of it have been spread over the net. I love the one where she is sitting down, holding a black hat! So cool! Promo photos of the X factor judges together and solo has also been published (like the one you see here to the left).  You can see her commenting on her thoughts about being on X-factor as a judge, as well as her thoughts on Beyoncé's new hair do, here:

She says "Bee can have a string on her head and still be good". I don't know why some are making such a fuss out of it, Beyoncé has had short hair before, for instance in the music videos for Me, Myself and I and Sweet Dreams, then again when she was playing Etta James and also for her VOGUE Italy spread back in 2009...So indeed, it's nothing out of the ordinary.
          You can see another recent interview with Miss Kelly here:

          I loved the quote Michelle posted the other day "The moment you think about giving up, think about the reason you held on for so long". Sharing an empowering message, like always! So sweet! She attended the 5th anniversary for Michigan Avenue and she couldn't look happier, check out more photos from the event here:

For the Throwback Thursday thing ,that's like a tradition on many FB pages now, Michelle chose the photo that you see in my gallery above with the words he wrote "with my girls during our last TRL performance". Apart from still photos from the If We Had Your Eyes- video being released (my favourite being one where she is wearing a black evening dress), she also treated us fans to behind-the-scenes-footage:

Members  of Upfront gets to see even more exclusive footage. 

Speaking of exclusive footage, Beyoncé photos recently surfaces from a beech, wearing shorter hair. Rumours has it it was for a video shoot! Perhaps the duet she made with her husband or she's finishing her Bow Down video? The beyhive is impatiently waiting for more news! Also check out the video for the Pepsi Dance contest (luuuuucky people!!):

Have a really great weekend!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                              Week 32, 2013

Hi again! 

I just want to start off with:


                                                         ¸¸¸.•✿ Thank you Rysiék!✿•.¸¸

                                                           ¸¸¸.•✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿•.¸¸¸

 There wouldn't be any update this week without your help! I feel so lucky to finally have recieved the Super TV and tele swiat, that I've been looking for, for so long! Not to mention the Russian Liza magazine! Thanks also for the awesome Mrs. Carter Show World Tour plastic bag and the amazing recent Polish covers! 

   The ladies of Destiny themselves have been real busy bees. While doing the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in Brooklyn, Beyoncé wore a new black and white outfit. She also did her second performance of Bow Down (Been On);
as well as releasing photos showing the inspirations for the tourbook:
And here's another video for ya'll that's interested in seeing what happens after the show:
Beyoncé also surprised all of her fans the other day, showing off her new hairdo on InstaGram. Which got some wondering weather it had something to do with Beyoncé's hair getting stuck in a fan two weeks ago at a consert in Canada.
 Meanwhile Michelle hosted and performed at the 5th Anniversary Celebration for Michigan Avenue magazine, as well as visiting the ESSENCE office, checking out their latest cover...Speaking of covers, Michelle has done yet another photo shoot with Kim Kimble for her album, rocking a black and white low-cut dress. Her Monday quote this week was:
"Unconditional love is hard to compete with".

The following day Kelly Rowland wrote on her FB page "
Confidence will always make you shine, wear it well", attaching a quote from "Confidence wear it like make-up". She also announced that her next single from Talk A Good Game will be the cool and funky duet with Wiz Khalifa "Gone".  Fans in the US are probably already counting down the days to September 11th and 12fh, as that's when the new season of X factor will have it's premiere. Kelly has also been shooting a new work out video, check out a segment from it here:

Since it would've been Whitney Houston's 50th birthday today, I just wanted to add a little tribute to my website, even if it's only about Destiny's Child. The only picture I could find with Whitney and any of the ladies of Destiny was this small one With Beyoncé on the oppostide side, from Divas Live, from VH-1 back in 2003.
So indeed: R.I.P Whitney. Gone, but never forgotten.
Your remarkable voice has made you immortal in our hearts and minds.
And like Beyoncé herself have said;
"...She was confident, poised, stunningly beautiful and intelligent, but she was sincere and kind.
She was the ultimate legend. The ultimate woman

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                             Week 31, 2013


Lights! Camera...and ACTION!!!

Another week has passed and our 3 ladies of Destiny has been really busy. First off, Michelle has been doing a album photo shoot with LA Hair, she also released a short video from the video shoot for If We Had Your Eyes

On the 29th of July she also released a quote that I love so much I put it on this week's gallery
Grow through what you go through.

Meanwhile Kelly has continued touring the US with X-factor. How us fans long for the premiere!! She has also shown us fans that she will be on the September issue of ESSENCE magazine, check out the amazing behind-the-scenes clip here:

During the week the Mrs Carter Show World Tour has been in Detroit and Jersey. Bey also released a lot of new photos from the shows, beauty inspirations for the tour and fan footage. Check them out either on her FaceBook page or her offical website.

Last but definatelly not least I want to give a shout out to my twinsister:


¸¸¸.•✿ Thank you Ann!!! ✿•.¸¸

¸¸¸.•✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿•.¸¸¸

For surprising me with the Z Lifestyle cover. Which is a very rare magazine, created exclusively for the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. If you want to try to get a hold of an issue for yourself, find out which hotell is closest to you:

I was also able to buy Se & Hör this week, as Beyoncé was partly on the cover of their TVguide, beauce Life Is But A Dream is being shown for the first time on Swedish TV tonight on SVT 1, 22.00.

Well, that's all this time around folks!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                              Week 30, 2013

Hi again!

It's been a while. Two weeks to be exact. Not too long, but I still missed making an update last week. I had nothing to update the site with and I was sooo busy with other things (wasn't even home). So to catch up I'm just gonna mention this week's highlights. 

  One of them being Kelly's release of her video to "Dirty Laundry" on the 22nd of July. The video is so beautiful and deep. It wont leave the watcher untouched that's for sure! I really love it! I do hope it will be a huge hit for her!

Speaking of beauty, also check out her stunning dress at the Jaguar F-Type USA event:

                 The day after, the 23rd, Miss Williams had her B'day! I am so thrilled to be one of the Top Commentaries still "Happy birthday to a survivor, an inspiration, a natural beauty! Happy birthday Michelle! May all your dreams come true and hope you'll get many happy returns of the day!". Due to that I am adding a Throw Back-picture from the last Jimmy Kimmel show DC-3 did together about 8 years ago. I thought the bouquets of roses would be a nice touch to wishing her many happy returns of the day. Kelly attended her B'day party, check out more lovely photos of the two lovely independent ladies here:

              Meanwhile Beyoncé has added a page to her official one for all her fragrances:

 Which one is your favourite?

Just recently she added some funny photos at her Tumblr page at Among others one where she is holding up her 2 favourite albums of this year:
Magna Carta Holy Grail and Talk A Good Game. Also check out the many photos she has posted from her recent conserts in the USA, either on her official website or her official FaceBook page.

   Last but definately not least, I want to thank Therese for the Swedish H & M catalogue. Just got an email from H & M's customer service, saying they're unable to send me a copy, eventhough I became a member weeks ago. Because next week they're going to send out the autumn/winter catalogue already. So truly: thanks for your time and business Therese! Eventhough I already have many with the same picture on the cover, it's extra special having it from your home country!  Also a big thumbs up to the Brittish eBay seller who had The Times 2 up for sale. Such a lovely cover and intersting article!! Not to mention ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ Thank You Rui!!! ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ for the Portugese Cruzadex cover on Beyoncé as well as the Spanish GRAZIA! Such irreplacable additions to my website's galleries!

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Best Wishes,


News                                                                                              Week 28, 2013

Thank God it's Friday!

Man! What a week it's been! I tell you, sometimes it feels like ever since the SuperBowl our girls has been on fire! Always so much news after just a few days! First off though, I want to thank Michéle for the Spanish GLAMOUR, Svetlana for the amazing and rare Russian catalogue - without your time and business on eBay I wouldn't own my own issue of it now! I was thrilled the other day seeing the Indian VOGUE had finally reached Press-Stop.
              Beyoncé is still on her US leg of the Mrs Carter Show World Tour, but the new photos from her photo shoot for FLAUNT has been spreading faster than a sworm of bees through the World Wide Web. Some even thinks she looks like an alien! For the full spread visit

Also worth mentioning is that on Wednesday Bey also announced that Magna Carta Holy Grail was certified platinum. So big ups for Mr Carter's accomplishment om the big sales of his new album!
             Meanwhile our girl Kelly's been busy doing X-factor, showing up in one amazing ensamble after the next. Check out her cool look in this black and white dress, while she is being interviewed with fellow X-factor judge, Demi Lovato:

I do long for the complete episodes to start airing! Both Kelly and Michelle thought it was ThrowBackTime yesterday and added this live picture of Destiny's Child back in the day, I thought that was so cute it was worth mentioning in my weekly update.            
   'Chelle's been busy with the ESSENCE festival, check out her energetic performance here:

I do love her hair and outfit as well!
AND! You can also get a quick interview by Rap Up about her upcoming album:

Well, that's about it folks! Stay positive and never give up on your dreams! 

Have a great weekend!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                               Week 27, 2013

Good evenin' !

First off I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to ¸•.:*¨¨*♥ Jessica ♥*¨¨*:.•¸ for the amazing Riches & Célébres coverfeature with a live photo from Beyoncé's infamous Super Bowl performance, as well as for the partly picturing coverfeatures Cool!  from 2005 and Star Systeme. I was thrilled to be able to win the Virgin Music Magazine from a Brittish eBay seller, eventhough there was tough competition for that particular auction. The title "All hail the queen of V festival!" made me choose a suitable live photo from the Super Bowl on this week's News gallery.
             Speaking of Super Bowl, here is the full version of the MSN's Wonderwall interview I mentioned in last week's update:

Michelle joined 2 other OMG! Insider reporters to talk about the BET Awards, you can see her lovely comments here:        

 I thought Michelle looked stunning in her sexy, yet very classy and beautiful dress, outshining everyone she interviewed...

Since last week Michelle has also  released a video showing behind-the-scenes footage from her brand new Michigan Avenue coverfeature, that I hope I will be able to add to my website someday soon:

Another don't-miss video is the one she made for Love Is Louder than Pain:

Kelly Rowland has also
made it to a new cover, lucky fans in France will soon be able to pick this one off the shelves, Miss Ebéne. I wonder what photo shoot the cover photo is from.  Truly longing for both Michelle and Kelly to be on more covers. 
       Miss Kelly is now very busy with X factor and YouTube is overflowing with different videos from the filming of the first episodes. One of my favourites is this one:

And while I am on the subject of videos, check out Kelly's awesome performance in the video for Fantasia's "Without Me":

I do hope by next week's update I will have seen the full video to "Dirty Laundry". Though I know it will be worth waiting for.

Have a great weekend ya'll and take care of yourselves and eachother!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                               Week 26, 2013

Good afternoon!

 I'm about to go to a birthday party, but I am still here writing as I do like my weekly updates very much. Since last time, on the 23rd of June, Beyoncé celebrated her 10th anniversary of Dangerously In Love. I can't hardly believe it's been a decade since she released that amazing album. It's truly timeless. Who can forget such songs as Crazy In Love, Baby Boy and Me, Myself and I?  So first I'd like to thank Igor for the MIXER magazine - couldn't think of a more perfect week to have it in my weekly update gallery!
            Then I'd like to thank Alan for the lovely Australian coverfeatures Sunday Life, Cosmopolitan and Shape. Thanks to my sis Ann again for the awesome supplement cover Red Hot from an issue of Red she bought, as well as getting the Polish English Matters magazine! Such irreplacable additions to my collection! And a special thank you to the eBay seller who spelled Kelly's last name wrong. If the title of the auction didn't say Rowlings I doubt I would've been able to win it! I love the title of the magazine itseld "A new Destiny". And that she sure has and the current era is called Talk A Good Game, make sure to catch her recent interviews on ( and in the Katie Couric show (catch a sneak peak here:
           Last, but definatelly not least, Week 26 started with another celebration: the release of 'Chelle's full song If We Had Your Eyes. It's such a beautiful, touching and soulful song. I do hope it will top the gospel chart!! My favourite part is the bridge, where Michelle talks

Lord if I had your eyes, I could love better, have more compassion and I would understand what I'm going thru while I'm going thru it...
The song truly makes me long for the whole album! Another thing I am longing for is seeing her at Wonderwall for MSN. The photo to the right is a capture from that interview. Us fans have to wait till Monday, when it will be posted.
      2013 is turning out to be a true DC-3 year, eventhough it's all about supporting our girls solo careers, it was awesome to see them at the SuperBowl together earlier this year (February), hope a reunion will happen much sooner than years from now...I also hope by next week I'll have more scans to share of magazine covers with Kelly and I do hope Michelle will be on covers again soon too.

Have a really great weekend and thanks so much for visiting!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                               Week 25, 2013

Hello fellow DC fans!

 What a week it's been! First off I want to thank my friend Annie once again for 4 amazing additions to my collection as well as my galleries! Miss Ebene: WOW! This is truly my favourite! That Pulse NYC fragrance promo picture is so amazing on Beyoncé! It's so cool to have it as a cover now!  Oops! and 20 minutes fits so perfectly with my other covers with H & M promo photos! Then there was the Parisian Magazine...To put it in short: you truly made my The Mrs Carter World Tour gallery shine! Thank you!!!
             Our girl Michelle has released another stunning promo photo as well as a second teaser for If We Had Your Eyes. You can check it out here:

It is so great to see her smiling again, not to mention to hear her sing something new! She will release the song in full on Monday next week! Cant hardly wait!

               Without a doubt, Week 25 will always be connected to the 18th of June release of Talk A Good Game! And Kelly's been doing a lot of that. Talking I mean. Check out her FaceBook page or YouTube for her interviews with Good Morning America, 106 & Park, Singersroom, VH-1 and LogoTV's NewNowNext. The GMA interview a preview of the Dirty Laundry video, so make sure to check it out! Another Do-not-miss-moment is her live performance of the catchy, funky and cool song Street Life in the same TVshow. As a collector of magazine covers, I wonder if that New York Post cover is for real or it was only published in two copies for that very performance. Either way, the performance is so cool:

All I know for sure is that she is on a May issue of Hip Hop Weekly, with the headline "On verge of breakdown? Admits in new song of being jealous of Beyoncé and being abused". The picture on the cover is from her time as a judge in the Brittish X-factor. I hope to be able to add it to the website soon, as well as countless of other new covers of the lovely Miss Kelly.

 Have a really great weekend ya'll!
Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                 Week 24, 2013


Hi ya'll!

 So another week has passed and for DestinyCovered it brought the rare What's magazine on Beyoncé - THANKS soo much sis!! The magazine writes that Bee will headline the Glastonbury Festival this month and the V festival in August. Then again they also write "Her new album Mrs Carter is out now"...Which it obviously still isn't, but one does ponder about what she will call her upcoming album.
              Speaking of upcoming albums, our girl Michelle has announced a new promo photo for her upcoming single "If We Had Your Eyes". It is to be released to the public the 24th this month. I can't hardly wait! She looks so stunning on the new photo! I waited since yesterday to see her news, as she made a little announcement about it for us fans on her FaceBook page! Longing for her official page to be launched as well.            
             Kelly Rowland has been busy this week both making the video for Dirty Laundry and promoting it. In the above gallery I made - to celebrate their new releases - you can see a new promo picture for the song. Also check out the amazing live performance she made at the Jimmy Fallon show, releasing a new song, Gone. I love how it samples the same song as Janet Jacksons Got Till It's Gone, since I know Janet is an inspiration for the ladies of Destiny;

Well, that's all folks! As always: have a great weekend ya'll! TGIF!!

Best Wishes,


News                                                                                                Week 23, 2013

Good evening!

What a week it's been! YouTube is filled with clips from Kelly's and The Dream's Lights Out tour, not to mention interviews from OMG Insider and CNET Hooked Up. Also make sure to check out her challange for the fans:

Or why not participate yourself? I'm so excited about Talk A Good Game! Though it seems all you can do here in Sweden is order it. :( As of yet I don't know if she will release it in Sweden.
        Speaking of releases, Michelle has posted on her FB page that a new single is about to be released. - email subscribers will get an exclusive first listen soon! I can't hardly wait!
       Beyoncé sent us fans over here in Europe a photo message Tuesday this week, it shows her hands holding up a note she has written To all my beautiful fans in Europe. You have filled me up with so much love, joy and purpose. I thank yall for so many inspiring memories. Love Beyoncé. She is just the sweetest! And as if that wasn't enough, we can all enjoy her
performance in the Sound of Change concert online too. In fact, make sure to watch the whole show as there are some truly incredible performances by Jennifer Lopez with special surprise guest, Jessy J and Timbaland to mention a few! Beyoncé will kick off the US leg of her tour the 28th of June.        
       As for DestinyCovered, I was thrilled to find a 20 Minuten from 2008 up on German eBay. I was lucky enough not to get any competition in bidding, so it was a real bargain for me as well. Then I'd just like to give a shout out to my BFF:


¸¸¸.•✿ Thank you Sanne!✿•.¸¸

¸¸¸.•✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿•.¸¸¸

for the AMAZING Dutch material! The  H & M catalogues and the plastic bag, the Pepsi bottle (photo will be added soon to my MISC gallery), the amazing Veronica cover (I've always loved this picture of Beyoncé from the beginning of the I Am...Sasha Fierce-era. The TVFilm and GRAZIA are so lovely too!! Thanks also to  my friend Katty for the very cool and rare metroxpress cover writing about Beyoncé's consert in Copenhagen and the Savers cover ad. Last, but definately not least, I want to shout out another ¸¸¸.•✿ Thank you ✿•.¸¸ to Annie for helping me win illico and Choc, as well as getting the latest SHAPE issue in France! My collection wouldn't be the same without the three of you! I simply can't thank you enough! Three's the charming and also to celebrate the Lights Out tour, Bee's Sound of Change performance and the end of the Fela!-era. I wanted this week's gallery to celebrate the beauty and talent of Kelly, Beyoncé and Michelle live. Here's wishing someday there'll be a reunion tour!

 Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                 Week 22, 2013

Hi again!

What amazing seven days it has been since my last update! I saw both the Queen of Rock: P!nk with my twinsister AND Queen B at the Ericson Globe in Stockholm! I'll write my experience of the consert seperatly during the weekend, adding some photos I took myself.
      Best part about Beyoncé's concert in Stockholm, apart from being blessed by Mrs Carter's presence, was that Aftonbladet published a 16 page special only about Beyoncé on the 28th of May. I bought the tourbook before the show and I was able to buy a keyring at the same time which you can see in my Misc gallery. AM New York was in my pile of mail when I got back home yesterday. National Enquirer arrived today, so I've added it to the Mrs Carter Show World Tour gallery as well.
   Other than kicking off her Lights Out tour, Kelly both sounds and looks amazing in Madcon's cool new video for their song One Life featuring Kelly, wearing 3 different outfits. You can check it out here:

 Other exclusive news for the past 7 days is the release of one of Kelly's brand new songs, You Changed, featuring Beyoncé and Michelle. You can hear it here:

Michelle just announced that she us joining the Upfront social media movement. Which means she will be able to connect with all of us fans on a more personal level by calling, emailing, & more! So download the app via the Apple Store or Google Play!

 Also check out her 12 second clip, showing some post SuperBowl fun with Beyoncé:

Have a really great weekend ya'll and thanks for visiting!

All the best,                                                                                                                                                     Sofia

News     Week 21, 2013

Hi everyone!

We've already reached the end of May! After this week has gone by I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my twinsister Ann for helping me with the amazing City Life! I love the title "An Audience with Queen Bee". Soon I will be in one of those! But first it's time for the rock queen to hit the stage in Globen! Of course, another •✿ Thank You ✿• to Ann for The Style Pages. I wasn't sure if this was a cover or not, but it does have the date on top, so it is truly a new section of the magazine.
And to the new friend I met through a closed FaceBook group, I just want to say:

¸¸¸.•✿ "THANK YOU CHRISTINA!!" ✿•.¸¸¸

for the 4 amazing coverfeatures Jolie Pad, the German SHAPE and the two different German H & M catalogues, such amazing additions to my collection/website galleries! Another  •✿ Thank You ✿• goes out to Halina for the Polish To & Owo TVguide.

Secondly, but not less important, I want to say Congratulations to Kelly on her new multi-Platinum RIAA Single Award counting streams + downloads, as well as becoming a judge on the American X-factor. Unfortunately for the fans, that meant her tour got re-scheduled. But you know what they say: patience is gold.  
   Kelly also did a great job at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, looking stunning in a low cut evening dress. She presented the award for TOP EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artist and the winner was David Guetta...Which meant I finally learned how to pronounce his last name:

Wednesday this week
Michelle announced that she will be performing and hosting at this year's Essence Music Festival, as well as moderating a discussion panel for the show.

   The day before she posted  #PrayersForOklahoma update on her FaceBook page, which I thought was so touching and beautiful. My prayers goes out to the people of Oklahoma too, I've even sent some money to support them. Mother nature is a powerful, scary phenomenon. Every day we all get on this earth is a blessing, but that's why they call it the present. 

Have a really great weekend ya'll! Can't hardly wait for next week's update!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                  Week 20, 2013

Hi ya'll!

 Another 7 days have passed so quickly where did all the time go? Next week Kelly's tour kicks off...How I wish I could see her! She announced the VIP-tickets this week that some extremly lucky fans will get their hands on, don't they sound dreamy? :


Kelly also released the full version of Dirty Laundry, that you can hear here;

I must admit I like it more than Kisses Down Low. It has such a cool, funky beat to it. Not to mention cool lyrics! I wonder who she is singing about "...turned me against my sista. I missed ya"?! Either way, glad that person is in her past were he belongs! 

    Our girl Michelle attended the 2013 SESAC Pop Awards in an awesome pink suit. She also showed fans that TD JAKES the musical FELA Tuesday night in Dallas! For those who doesn't know who he is, he is a bishop and you can read more about him in his website here:

Also check out Michelle's photo with him on her FaceBook page, she looks so happy, the way we always want to see her. 

    As for the galleries of DestinyCovered, this week I managed to get the Swedish (well, the English version) of the H & M cataloge and Beyoncé graces the cover of Aftonbladets Sofie's Mode (Sofie's Fashion), one of the evening newspapers here in Sweden and there's a 4 page article inside, 2 less than the catalogue had.

Have a really great weekend and I'll see you again next week.

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                  Week 19, 2013

Hi fellow DC-fans!

It's been a bit of a "slow" week, only getting orders from Press-Stop and the purchased-through-eBay TV-media. However I've found a lot of magazines I've added to my search-list. I've already added the ones on Kelly to the online gallery. I will update my Beyoncé search-galleries in the nearest few dates with them. Looks like a paradise island behind Beyoncé on the recent MORE cover, so I took a paradise flower and made some art of it. (this week's background). Well, the fact that the ladies of Destiny are all releasing soloalbums this year truly is paradise for a fan like me!
      Our favourite girls have been busy. Michelle is now in Texas with Fela! And Angela Bassett came to see the show last week! How cool is that?
    There's still no news about the launch of the website, nor is there a date to the premiere of her upcoming single. So I figured I'd share the picture from Dallas, TX that Michelle has posted on her FaceBook page (if you have a FaceBook account log in to see the photos above in larger size).

   Week 19 included seeing Kelly Rowland's album cover to Talk A Good Game. I must saw she manages to look cool and sexy, yet still classy and beautiful on it. Her next single will be Dirty Laundry and she has also released a teaser about that one, that you can see here: 

 Well...You only get to see washingmachines and hear an instrumental snippet of the song...Still it makes me long for June the 18th even more. I truly look forward to being able to listen to knew music from the incredible Ms Kelly.

Hope ya'll have an awesome weekend, it's so good that the warmth of late spring is finally here. 

Best Wishes,                                                                                                                                                  Sofia

News                                                                                                  Week 18, 2013

 Good evenin' ya'll!

It's been a fun week...Tuesday my friend Rysiek told me he got his Pepsi can from Lidl...So I jumped on my bike and cycled to the nearest Lidl store here and sure enough: there was the new Beyoncé cans! And I thought the cashier was joking when she said 4 coins! (That equals to about $0,61 or €0,46)! What a bargain for such a priceless collectible for a collector like me! I was so happy about getting the can it inspired me to add a Miscellaneous gallery, as through the years many of my friends have asked me what my collection of Destiny's Child contains other than covers.
    Today's METRO had Beyoncé on the cover, as well as on their METRO wkd supplement magazine. I must've taken about 10 of them...Because the cover picture is so stunning! A pity it isn't on a glossy fashion magazine...But I still took the placard for it. The photo I took of it didn't turn out very well, so I scanned it in about four different parts and put them together. You can see the finished scan in the new Miscellaneous gallery. Seeing that cool live picture reminded me how AWESOME I think Beyoncé's performance of "Schoolin' Life" is. Because it's one of those videos I couldn't help but to watch online. (Before I wanted to avoid looking at any live footage to make the 29th of May even more special). It's truly one of my favourite songs of Beyoncé's ever, available on her deluxe version of 4. Because the light behind Beyoncé on the METRO cover inspired me to use even more lights from the live performance of that song. Thus it became the background of this week's gallery.             

    The lovely Ms Kelly has announced the dates to her Lights Out tour, which she will do with The Dream. How I wish I could do see her!! Only lucky fans in the following cities will be able to see her;

May 23: Myth, Minneapolis
May 24: Midland Theatre, Kansas City, Mo.
May 26: Fillmore, Washington, D.C.
May 28: Ram's Head, Baltimore
May 29: Wilbur, Boston
May 30: Best Buy, New York
May 31: Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia
June 4: Venue to be determined, Raleigh
June 5: CenterStage, Atlanta
June 6: House of Blues, Orlando
June 7: House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
June 13: Thalia Mara Hall, Jackson, Miss.
June 14: Varsity Theatre, Baton Rouge
June 15: Arena Theatre, Houston
June 16: Palladium, Dallas
June 19: Kool Haus, Toronto
June 20: Royal Oak, Detroit
June 21: House of Blues, Cleveland
June 22: Bogarts, Cincinnati
June 23: House of Blues, Chicago
June 26: Woodlake Hotel, Sacramento
June 28: Regency/Mezzanine, San Francisco

 Check out the public announcement she made for Saving Our Daughters;


 Only news I've heard about Michelle, other than more Fela! performances, is that her new single is coming very soon. So here's hoping next week's update will feature a lot more on her!

 Have a great weekend!

 Best Wishes,                                                                                                                                                          Sofia




News                                                                                              Week 17, 2013

Hi everyone! 

What a week it's been! First off:


¸¸¸.•✿ Thank you Adrian!✿•.¸¸

¸¸¸.•✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿•.¸¸¸

I really can't thank you enough for those 4 Romanian magazines!!! I had reserved that BRAVO with Lady Gaga from an eBay seller, but somehow it got lost or they sold it to someone else anyway. So it's a real joy getting that one finally! And I still love getting covers when Beyoncé was pregnant with Blue Ivy, her beauty sparkles on those photos! Of all 4 my favourite is still the one with Sean Paul. My first cover with him. Baby Boy has always been one of my absolute favourite Beyoncé songs.
          Speaking of Baby Boy, this week also saw the release of the first ad for Beyoncé H & M summer collection. For her latest ad with Pepsi Beyoncé took us back to her Crazy In Love style. I don't know weather it's unintentional or intentional, but seems Beyoncé takes us back to the Baby Boy video this year as well...Either way, since the song came out a decade ago, I figured I'd pay tribute to that one at the same time.


Once again I'd like to thank Nick for his endless help with sending the US magazines to him first. I couldn't believe my eyes seeing the Right On! magazine from 2002! I've been looking for it for so long I can't remember where I saved the scan I have of it from even. Austin Power 3 covers are hard to come by, so it's a joy being able to add it as well. Another one of my favourites in my "eBay lot" I had sent to Nick is the 104 KRBE magazine, eventhough it has the usual Survivor promo picture on it, it's the Houston's #1 Hit Music Station! Simply because it's so special getting magazines from Houston and I love the title "True Survivors". They sure are! Thus, the theme of this week's background became the ocean in the video to Survivor. The small circle you can see just above the still photo I made from the video is actually the lifeboat they are in during the video.

Kelly Rowland has announced a release date for Talk A Good Game! So now me and all her other fans are counting down the days to June the 18th! :D She made it to PEOPLE's "World's most beautiful" and made a photo shoot without make up for the upcoming issue. Make sure to watch the behind-the-scenes where you can hear the natural beauty talking about how she was honoured to made it to their list and her thoughts upon wearing make-up or not. 

Michelle is also hoping for a summer release of her new solo album, but so far no exact date has been set. She has worked a lot with Harmony, the man who produced the song her and Beyoncé are featured in on Talk A Good Game. You can see her talk more about the album here:

It's and interview from the red carpet of the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame Kelly attended as well (see last week's update).

Best Wishes,                                                                                                                                                   Sofia


News                                                                                                  Week 16, 2013

Good evenin'!

My update is running a bit late as I was working all weekend. I'd like to thank Ann for the Brittish VOGUE! Such an awesome recent coverfeature on Mrs Carter. She did kick off her tour Monday the 15th in Serbia, just as scheduled. So the internet is overflowing with live photos from her concerts so far. It's still hard to grasp I'll be seeing her live next month. Last time I was able to see her live, was back in May 2002. So over a decade! But, I know it'll be worth the wait. I do hope someday to be able to see all three ladies of Destiny performing together again. Until then I'm grateful to at least have been able to see them performing at the SuperBowl this year through YouTube. Speaking of watching videos with Destiny's Child, this week also saw them releasing the "Destiny's Child video anothology" - DVD with a stunning photo of the three ladies of destiny wearing blue dresses from the Cater 2 U video.

So along the week I've added some more partly picturing covers I already had in my folders. So it's a lot of headlines about cellulites and beach bodies. Beyoncé always looking amazing in her bikinis. Speaking of amazing, Michelle Williams looked exactly that at the Call Me Crazy premiere a few days ago. (Photo to the left taken by Jason Merritt/ 2013 Getty Images).
Her hair and accessories fits so perfectly with the lovely, but cool dress, I'd love it if photos from that event will be published A LOT this year, considering the fact that she has announced her forth solo album is due out this summer.

Kelly Rowland was among a star-studded line-up at the Nokia Thearte in Los Angeles, gathered to salute the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame inductees. Kelly paid homage to the late Donna Summer. For you fans in the US reading this; the show  will be broadcast May 18 on HBO. I picked the photo on the right as it shows that lovely smile of hers.

 Well, this is me, signing off...See you next week!


News                                                                                               Week 15, 2013

Good evening!

 What a year 2013 has turned out to be for DestinyCovered! Today I'd like to celebrate breaking the number 2000!!! Because there are now over 2000 covers featured on this site! Despite the time and effort I've put in finding, scanning and adding all the magazines and books, I can hardly believe it myself! But whatever your dream is, hard work, patience and motivation goes a long way. 

Since my last update, I've been adding a lot of partly picturing covers, as well as Pix N' Mix from Smash Hits from 2002 with the lyrics to Work It Out.  I've had that cover for a long time but somehow it got either deleted from my website or forgotten. 

New additions this week became the Hello! Middle East and Life & Style from Austria! Both such rare covers I can not thank my friend Rebecca enough for helping me win them through the German eBay! So kind of her! I had never seen that picture of Beyoncé live from the Grammies 2010 before and it was so lovely getting my first cover from the premiere to Beyoncé's documentary Life Is But A Dream

The other new additions this week was directly from eBay sellers, the lovely 20 minuten Friday from Switzerland and the very cool Midland's Zone from United Kingdom. So much fun adding covers from all over the world to this site. 

For you Rowland Stones out there; check out her cool performance at Courvoisier’s launch party for ‘Courvoisiology' ,and also check out the new photos of her from the ELLE Women in Music eventNot to mention how AWESOME it is to get to know that on Kelly's upcoming album Talk A Good Game, she will have a song featuring Beyoncé and Michelle!! Can't hardly wait to hear DC-3 collaborating again, eventhough it''s a little different this time around. I am simply longing for the three ladies of destiny to release their new solo albums, but they sure are making us wait, aren't they? 

 Last, but definately not least, I am rejoicing in Michelle's announcement she put on FaceBook Wednesday this week "I can't wait to share new music w/ you guys! VERY soon :)". For now, we can enjoy a brand new pic of her (shown to the left). Is it just me or doesn't she look a little like Janet Jackson on it? Anywhooo (said in that funny way Michelle always does), right now she is in Tucson, AZ continuing her tour with FELA the Musical. She will also be in Tempe, AZ next week. How I wish I could go see's hoping it'll be released on DVD one day! Just like What My Husband Doesn't Now; gotta get my hands on a copy of that DVD somehow! 

Have a really great weekend ya'll!

                                                                                                                                                         Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                   Week 14, 2013

WOOOOW! Only Tuesday and there was 6 coverfeatures waiting for me when I got back home! All were from different eBay sellers, but the 6th was a surprise! Thank you soooo MUCH dear sis for surprising me with the lovely Close Up cover!! You're so sweet! Bless your heart of gold! Or should I say, like the Charmed ones: ¸¸¸.•✿ "Bless'ed Be!!" ✿•.¸¸¸ Didn't know about that one at all before!! So cool to get yet another cover from the Grammies this year! I got The Best Shop from a Serbian eBay seller and sure enough; it was truly a good deal.

         It was also so thrilling to get the Russian Rolling Stone from 2007!! It was another one of those I have been looking for, for a looong time and didn't add to one of my SEARCH-galleries as the scan I had was too small. It also had such an awesome picture of Beyoncé in it, that I have never seen before it (+ seeing Ann's easter update on Cover Me Pink) inspired me to use it as the background of this week's gallery. I suspect it must be from the Destiny Fulfilled - era. Perhaps the CosmoGirl, March 2005 photoshoot? It's definatelly just as cool as one of the photos of Michelle Williams backstage at the Super Bowl earlier this year (seen To The Left, here). I think I'll get a hold of the usual VOGUE cover on Beyoncé tomorrow. Other than that I doubt I'll get any more additions to DestinyCovered this week, so I decided to make week 14's update today. 

 After seeing a Spanish clipping lot being re-listed numerous of times, I decided that I did want that partly picturing Cuore cover that was included in the lot. Little did I know the surprise cover in this lot: Fugas! A supplement magazine to La Voz De Galicia. It's so special recieving these one day only magazine coverfeatures!!

      If you're collecting covers just like me, look out for the Brittish VOGUE, the Australian Cosmopolitan and the American V magazine, all of them have the stunning Mrs Knowles Carter on the cover.

   Well,have a great week ya'll! Thanks again for visiting!

Best Wishes,                                                                                                                                                  Sofia

News                                                                                               Week 13, 2013

Good evening!

 Another week has gone by, since it's 4 days of hollidays in a row, my weekly update is one day earlier this time around. 

    I found Star Systeme on Buy It Now on eBay, first time I ever saw that magazine time ago. It was re-listed, so eventually I couldn't resist but to buy it. 

     A special thanks to Annie for winning and getting Public from January 2012 and for  buying me number 502 of the same magazine. I love this adorable cover with Blue Ivy!! What a coincidence that I got Star Systeme from a little more than a year before during this week too. So naturally I chose that one and the magazine mentioned above to be highlighted in this week's Paint gallery. Easter is another one of those times you try to meet up with your family and I hope Blue Ivy and her complete family are having an amazing easter.

         Of course I wish the same for Kelly and Michelle. Ms Kelly has been busy with BET's Rip The Runway (love the commercials she made for that show: so funny!) and Michelle's still rockin' it with Fela! Other than that, there's still no news of their upcoming solo albums, like a release date for instance. Looking forward to them very much. 

     Last but not least  I want to thank Jessica for sending me Star System Hors-Serie from autumn last year and the recent Movie Entertainment  coverfeature. Such invaluable additions to my collection and DestinyCovered. 

To everyone visiting my site and reading this I just want to wish you all a very 



¸¸¸.•✿ HAPPY EASTER! ✿•.¸¸

¸¸¸.•✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿¸¸.•*´¯ `✿•.¸¸¸

 Best Wishes,                                                                                                                                                 Sofia



News                                                                                                    Week 12, 2013

Hi again!

 The week started off with the release of Bow Down (Been On) that created quite a stir in the beyhive. On the more positive note though, I am glad that Beyoncé is experimenting with her sound, style and voice. 

     First off I want to thank my friend Ece for tracking down City Trend! It is so lovely to get a cover with Beyoncé holding her latest grammies, I know how special they are to her. And I send out a lot of thank you's to her friend for sending me the Greek Cosmopolitan and three of the Serbian JOY magazines and a Serbian Cosmopolitan. My twinsister won the latest March 2013 issue of the Serbian JOY to me, so it was such a coincidence it arrived the same day even. This website wouldn't be the same without Ann's help! I can't thank her enough really!

      A special thank you to my friend Rebecca for surprising me with Bild Woche! I didn't know about that cover before! Cool to be able to add another cover from that Heat promotion event back in 2010. 

I haven't had the time to scan those really hugely oversized covers of mine, about 5 of them, but I've deleted and added some covers to my searchgalleries. It's a never ending job, but with DestinyCovered soon having over 2000 covers online, the work behind finding the covers, scanning them and adding them to the site is still a lot of fun. The more the merrier. 

Yesterday it was confirmed that Beyoncé is working with H & M! She's their model for their summer fashion line this year and with those news I also explain my choice of background for my NEWS-gallery of week 12.  I am thrilled over these H & M news and will be looking forward very much to seeing her on the cover of their catalogues. I've already ordered their current catalogue, in case she'll be on the Swedish one,  It's not for sure because Swedish magazines in general aren't too fond of putting foreign celebrities on their covers. Boring but true. 

Enjoy your weekend and please come back again for more news!                                                                                                                                                                                                                All the best,                                                                                                                                                                         Sofia 

News                                                                                               Week 11, 2013

Hello fellow DC-3 fans!

I was in AWE when I saw the Right On ! magazine with our three ladies on the cover, with a photo from the "Girl" video on BUY IT NOW at eBay! I've been looking for it for so long and the scan I had of it was so small, I didn't add it to my Destiny Fulfilled SEARCH-gallery.  The song is so special to me as it makes me think of my BFF Sanne and my twinsister, Ann. They way they always have my back when I'm going through hard times and the way I always have their back when helping them through their troubles. I also love the song because it does enhance "DC-3 forever". You can tell they're not acting in the video, their love, respect and care for eachother is for real.
                 I'm Your Girl, You're My Girl, We're You're Girls
                         Want  You Know To That We Love You!

So it's with great enthusiasm I can add it to my second Destiny Fulfilled gallery. As another tribute to one of my favourite Destiny's Child videos of all time, I used the pink ivy that's in the video for the background for Week eleven's gallery.
          My second favourite cover of the week was the Spanish iN Touch magazine that Germán sent me. I had never seen it before and getting a cover from the video Beyoncé made for her I Am...Sasha Fierce tour was just so awesome! I am so thrilled to be able to share it's beauty with you all. Such a great surprise! Thank you!
       Other additions this week has been the Belgian Digitaal TV en Radio from a clipping lot I won through eBay and the partly picturing Heat magazine that Ann found for me at Press-Stop's website. "51 Stars without make-up"; you can tell from the picture what a natural beauty Beyoncé is. She really doesn't need make-up at all. In fact, my favourite looks on her is when her make-up isn't too heavy.
      During the week I've also started scanning my oversized covers that requires 6 scans or more to put together. I just really want to keep DestinyCovered up to date and fresh. The website is so special to me and I hope it is to you guys as well. The website is made by a fan for the fans and DC-3. It's not a way for me to brag, I just want to share their magazine covers with the world, the same way there's so many loyal Madonna collectors out there.  
      For Kelly's fans, this week also brought the colourful video to Kisses Down Low and for you Beyoncé fans the new SHAPE photos for the April issue are being spread across the web. Michelle's still busy with Fela. Looking forward to next week's update already!

Again have a really nice weekend ya'll!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                                              Week 10

What a week it's been! I feel so overwhelmed by the work that's behind DestinyCovered, but seeing it all come together is so much fun. I don't know if you guys like my Paint galleries in my News update or not, but they awaken my creative side, so I'm gonna keep doing them at least for a while more...
    I was able to buy 4 Norweigan magazines from a seller I got in contact with through FaceBook. I was very thrilled as I've been looking for that TOPP with Beyoncé and Justin for such a long time, only having seen it on a page advertising it and then it's always a pleasure getting old Destiny's Child covers, I didn't even know about Girls and 4U before. I love how DC-3 can still re-unite every now and then...there's so much rivalry and competition going on with other girl bands, that such reunions are rare, so my inspiration for today's first gallery is growth.
   And yesterday I got some of the magazines I've had sent to my friend Nick lately. I did enjoy getting the Monday NOW and New York Post with Beyoncé and Jay Z on the cover on the same day so much! Almost 10 years have passed since the first cover back in 2004 and they're still going strong. I admire their relationship so much; them being able to work it out through fame, hectic time schedules as well as every day problems...Their love for eachother and for performing live is like thunder and lightning, thus I chose that background for the second gallery.After all, Beyoncé's SuperBowl performance did cause the lights to go out...Some kind of magic...
   I was also able to get the partly picturing NOW Diet special from a local magazine store and speaking of partly picturing covers, I've also added those kind of covers through out the week, through some of my collections. That is why I don't add them to my News gallery: as they are old to me. I will be adding a few more in the days to come, I am sure. I've also updated my Search gallery a bit more.
      Still impatiently waiting for the new videos from Beyoncé, Michelle and Kelly...Wonder who will be first up? Kisses Down Low? With the Mrs Carter Show World Tour coming up, I am assuming Beyoncé's new single will be released SOON! Can't hardly wait!

    Have a really great weekend and thanks for visiting!

Best Wishes,

News                                                                                               Week 9, 2013

 First off I want to thank the eBay seller i-love-mags for selling Hot Press off-eBay to me, when the auction ended months ago. I didn't think I'd get a reply. It looks great in the Survivor II gallery, starting off the covers with the cover of Destiny's Child's third album. Thanks also to flyka65 for the Télépro cover from 2010. I hardly could believe my eyes when I saw it, eventhough there's a lot of text on it and another picture (as it's one of those before and after specials) it feels so cool to have been able to add a cover with a Deréon promo picture.    
        I've also been updating some of the more recent galleries in my SEARCH gallery during the week, but I am not finished as I have yet to scan some advertisements for covers I have with pictures from the early years. BESTYLISH  was another one of those covers I decided to scan, eventhough I prefer fully picturing covers. So it's not new to me, just a new addition to my website.      I simply ordered More!, GQ as well as National Enquirer from Press-Stop, but an extra special thank you to Ann for giving me a head's up about the last mentioned. I thought the SuperBowl performance was amazing, so I'm hoping to add a lot more covers from that event through out the year.
 All the best,

News                                                                                                     Week 8, 2013

To follow up on my previous February updates, here's another 9 coverfeatures!  I've decided, due to lack of time and space, to only update the News-section weekly, but add covers whenever I get them and/or have time to scan and add them.
          Earlier this week I recieved LABEL, so I'd like to give a special shout ut to my friend Allan for actually calling the magazine up to make sure to get me an issue! So kind of him! Second update of the week became the gentlewoman, who turned out to be the first new cover I recieved from this new era of Beyoncé's...As it's still untitled, my temporary title for the new gallery is "The present" as it's such a gift to have seen her in SuperBowl, in Life Is But A Dream and today I got my ticket to the Mrs Carter Show World Tour in Stockholm on the 29th of May.
          Today I also got 3 more magazines from Lajos: truly can't thank him enough for all these amazing Hungarian coverfeatures! Especially Life, eventhough it's my third cover with that Heat promo picture, I love it very much.
         Last, but definatelly not least, I want to say THANK YOU to my twinsister and her new friend in Canada Jessica for surprising me with Make Up Artist and Arts. I've been looking for the Make Up one for soo many years and Arts was so cool to recieve; hope I'll be able to add a lot more SuperBowl coverfeatures SOON! And thanks to Ann for giving me the Public issue from 2010 with Beyoncé partly picturing as well. I've been looking for that one for a while too.         
         Have a really great weekend ya'll! Hopefully I'll have time to update my searchgalleries then, as now there's actually a lot of covers that comes up twice on my website, until I've removed them. I didn't think I'd get as many covers from my searchlist as I have. At least not so quickly after adding them to my site. So thanks sooo much to everyone who takes notice of them and helps me track them down! It's a true joy to get to know so many lovely persons through this site.

Thanks again to all who is frequantly visiting my site!

Wishing you all the best,

News Update                                                                                  February 16, 2013

With scans of 4 more magazine covers, February is becoming quite the "DestinyCovered"-month! Today I want to share my happiness of getting BRAVO with Jennifer Lopez; I've been looking for this one basically for 10 years! Patience is gold! So THANK YOU Lajos! You are a True Star! I never even saw the BRAVO with Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham, with the inside article discussing the Pepsi commercial the three of them made together back in 2005. Nor had I seen the second BRAVO from 2003, that fits perfectly into my second Austin Powers 3 gallery.The Hungarian JOY, was indeed a true JOY to add to my third B'Day gallery.
                 I will re-arrange some of my searchgalleries shortly. For now I just want to wish you a very nice weekend!

All the best,

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!                                    February 14, 2013

Today I want to thank Evelina from eBay, who helped me find 'ups!' from 2007 and this amazing Lituanian crossword magazine. They both sure make my Diamond galleries shine a little bit more.

I gotta change some of my search galleries as I was told the two Italian VOGUE covers were fake and also I was able to locate some more Hungarian covers, so I can remove them and through Evelina I got to know about 2 other Lithuanian covers, so stay tuned.

 Wheather you're single or together with someone: Happy Valentine's Day! Here in Sweden it's called "Every Hearts Day", so that includes love for a friend, for a pet, for music...Just anything that makes your heart sing! 


NEWS Update                                                                                February 12, 2013


Hi again!

I just wanted to give a special Thank You to the eBid seller who sold the METRO advertisement that spreads over 4 complete A3 pages to me!! It's so beautiful, rare and funny as it's printed as if the Pink Panther movie is based on a true story. I liked it so much I made it my cover gallery picture of that 2006 movie.

I'm also adding Beyoncé Tribe to the links, one of the most amazing Beyoncé sites I've ever seen. It helped me notice that Beyoncé was on the cover of the Italian GQ supplement section SCANNER back in June 2011. Such an amazing addition to my Diamonds section.

Last, but not least, I am thrilled to be able to add and share Rossmann Drogerie Parfumerie cover with you. Beyoncé is so sexy and cool in this PULSE advertisement promo pic. 

I do hope you love visiting my site as much as I do updating it. This is as much a tribute site to Destiny's Child as it is a way for me to share the joy of following their career and admiring their beauty and style with fellow fans.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

All the best,

SUPER BOWL XLVIII HALFTIME SHOW                                       February 4, 2013

Hi everyone!

 I just want to share my excitement for  Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime show. I went up at around 5 a.m here in Sweden just to see if the rumoured Destiny's Child live re-union was true. I tried to avoid any news pages and just went straight to YouTube...But the titles said it all "Beyoncé w/Destiny's Child". I was sooo HAPPY! Though I love the girls solo, there's something magical with the three of them together! Beyoncé is so humble for sharing the stage with Kelly and Michelle and they in their turn are so strong to sing and dance beside her, when there's such large differences in their success. It was a great way to start the day by saying Good Morning Angels! Just like that man always does in the beginning of the video for Independent Women. 

At the same time I wanted to share my joy for being able to update the website with 5 new covers. BIG THANKS to my twin for the Serbian JOY and MAXIM! Such rare coverfeatures! And I have 2 different eBay sellers to thank for L'UOMO VOGUE Cover Book, Hit Krant and Ditjes & Datjes. I hope 2013 will bring you fellow fans as much joy as I am going to get scanning new covers of the three ladies of Destiny, as we all have loads to look forward to. Kelly's solo album The Year of The Woman, Michelle's Fela and new gospel album and Beyoncé's upcoming new solo album + Mrs. Carter Show World Tour....

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will return frequently! I try to update as many times as I possibly can.

Best Wishes,

                                                                                                              March 9, 2012


With another large update, 18 covers, I just wanted to take the time to thank my friend Nick in the USA once again for being so patient and tolerant about me sending magazines etc to his place, when American or Canadian sellers only ship to the US. A big THANK you for my twinister for surprising me with the Billboard magazine and a HUGE THANK YOU to Kathy of Lake Michigan Shore magazine for sending the Michelle Williams issue from July 2007 to Nick, so he could forward it to me! My 10th Michelle cover solo! Hope there'll be many more to come! Last, but not least, it was so awesome to finally get my own issue of the lovely More magazine with both Kelly and Beyoncé on the cover.


Take care and May God Bless You!

Best Wishes,

                                                                                                              January 2012


Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Sanne for helping me bid on 2 auctions while I was in surgery and to the eBay seller Paul! Thanks to Sanne and Pauls auctions I could add 18 covers to the 'Here I Am' gallery. Through another Brittish seller I was able to add the subscriber's issue of Marie Claire. I am very happy over this as this is a tribute site to Destiny's Child. I love following all of their solo careers, so please remember this as a DC-3 site, not a "Beyoncé site", eventhough she's on most covers, I try my best to find on Kelly and Michelle too. So through Kelly's continued success in 2011, I was very thrilled to be able to add the following a few days ago:


Thanks for visiting my site and I wish you all the best possible for 2012!

Best Wishes,



                                                                                                                                             20 November, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

Two years ago today, I launched DestinyCovered. Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Twentyfour months later there's over 1600 coverfeatures on the ladies of Destiny together and solo in 32 different galleries. As a fan I've been thrilled to follow Beyoncé's, Kelly's and Michelle's solo careers. I'm still very grateful for their music and inspirational personalities. No matter what I am going through; loss of a familymember, heart ache and similar sorrows, their music pulls me through. Like Michelle's "The Way of Love", Kelly's "I'm That Chick"and Beyonc'e's "I Miss You". Both the tunes and lyrics lifts my spririt and helps me find strenght and courage within.

 To celebrate 2 years I've made a new banner. "Soldier" is one of my all time favourite songs + videos from Destiny's Child's career as a group. Plus the dobermans looks like guarddogs beside them, which after my toughest year yet has a special meaning to me. To honour their solo careers I've given them one box each. Eventhough they went solo, this site is and will remain a site to pay tribute to Destiny's Child.

I'd like to thank all my friends worldwide for making this come true. A special shout out to my girl Sanne and to my twinsister Ann, for keeping me grounded and helping me pull through! Also big ups to eBay and all the sellers there; this site wouldn't be the same without it.

Thanks also to all my members! I'm thankful for your interest in my site! 

All the best,

 PS: If you're a fan and would like me to add a cover on this site: don't hesitate to contact me.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  31 December 2010


Happy New Year everyone! May 2011 bring you all the best possible!

WOW! A year sure passes by so quickly! I want to thank everyone who frequently visits my site! But most of all I want to thank all my friends and traders who helps me out so much in my search for covers on the incomparable ladies of Destiny! Just to mention a few; Sanne (Holland), Michael (Greece), Germán (Spain), Joanna (Polen), Lenka (Czec Republic), Nick (USA), Alan (Australia), Peggy (Belgium), Tomoko (Japan),Katrine (Denmark)...etc...etc...You guys rock! This site wouldn't be the same without you! And last but not least; Ece (Turkey); "I am the luckiest girl" because you decided to give me your collection...More about this to come!!! ;) 

And finally I'd like to thank Beyoncé, Michelle and Kelly again for their beautiful music and for being the beautiful rolemodels that they are, inside and out! You bring so much joy, inspiration and wisdom to my life! I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you guys! Literally! 

 I hope to make this site even bigger in the year to come! 

All the best,








                                                                                                                                                                     31 December 2009

 Happy New Year everyone! Hope the new year will bring you all much joy, success, life lessons and all those other good things that makes life worth living! Life is so precious, ya'll so live each day to the fullest!

Thanks to all of you who has been following this site since the beginning (and all new comers, of course)! About 5 weeks, 30 galleries, 89,7 MG and 1451 scans later I am finished with uploading my cover collection! It feels amazing to finally have my website up-to-date with my collection! I hope you enjoy the galleries as much as I do and I hope it wont go too long between updates from now on!

                                                                                                                                                  All the best,