About Me

Hi everyone!
Thanks for visiting my site!!

I began listening to Destiny´s Child´s music in the late 90´s. I bought their first single No, No, No and once The Writing´s On The Wall album was out I gradually became a bigger & bigger fan.
I’m not one of those who’s easily impressed by one or two hit songs, but these ladies kept my interest and fascination! For every single and album they released, I grew to love and admire them even more.

Survivor became such an important song for me, as it helped me gradually put my old ”demons” from being teased for most of my school years behind me. Through their personalities and empowering lyrics, the DC-3 ladies, now solo, remains a huge inspiration in my life.

Tragedy struck my family the 22nd of September 2001 when me and my parents was to drive to Malmö & visit two old friends of the family. But noticing MTV had Destiny´s Child weekend I really wanted to stay at home! So my parents let me stay...I feel it was my love for DC who saved my life! Because that car trip to Malmö ended in a car crash and I lost my father at only 22 & he was only 51. :(

There’s a saying that goes ”I got your back” or ”I got you covered” thus I am making this site, called DestinyCovered. Both because I feel they’re my guardian angels here on earth, saving my life in two different ways. But also because Beyoncé is breaking bounderies to which magazines an Afro American woman has ever been on. What do you give a girl who has it all and her 2 best friends to say THANK YOU!? A website that shows her just how many covers they’ve ever been on.

 I’ve already made scans since I started collecting in May 2001, so check back regularly for my updates. If you know of any magazines that are not in my galleries, but still want them to be added, please send me an email to missbutterfly_truestar@yahoo.se.

 Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly – this website is for you! I hope you’ll watch it yourself one day!
Till then, hope my fellow fans of yours will enjoy this site as much as I am making it!

 Lots of Love and Best Wishes,

 PS; If ever there’ll be a DC-3 reunion…You know I’ll be one of the fans in the front row!!