20 November 2009 

Hello and welcome to my DC-3 website!

Some of you might remember my name from sending scans to the now closed CornerOfBeyonce (or a few to ) or my contributions to and . But now, after all these years, I've finally decided to spread my own wings and go solo! Just like my favourite girlgroup of all time!!

I started collecting coverfeatures on Destiny's Child in May 2001 and will now put hundreds and hundreds of scans online for fellow fans to enjoy watching them as much as I do. I'll be making updates frequently so check back regularly, folks!

"DestinyCovered" is a non-profit fansite and has no official affiliation with the 3 ladies themselves. All images are copyright to their original owners and no infringement is intended. Images are here for educational purposes only. If you are unhappy with the posting of any photos, contact me for prompt removal at  

Both to show were the photos has been published originally and to show DC-3's changing styles, I will try to arrange all galleries by the picture on the cover and not the date of it.

Best Wishes,